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[Guild] Guild Index Submission(s)

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Posted on 8/9/17 9:52:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: TornauSRecruitment Requirements: NO random APPS, MUST HAVE LINE, 80k minimum might, GWs MANDATORY, Must be able to perform well in GWs (15 flames/make goal according to might), TB appreciated-not required(MAX rewards), FF appreciated-not required, BE ACTIVE.
Platform: Android   Might: Guild might 9083538
Leader/Pres.: Martin0074Boss Level/Time:  BOSS 5@20:00, BOSS 3@20:30
Vice #1: Mando261999TB:  @20:45 Weds and Sat NO EARLY HAULERS participation appreciated. MAX REWARDS
Vice #2: HenryRettkeMesa Level/Time:  Lava 3 DAILY
Might: 80k minimum to joinWG:  WG4/Infernal Summit DAILY
Might Ranking:  Top 100Donations: NONE REQUIRED  Focus on your hero improvement.
Shard Ranking:   Messenger Apps: Line Chat MANDATORY. ADD LINE: natalia0209
Contact:  LINE: natalia0209
LEADER: martymar0074
VL: mando261999
Special Incentives: Veteran players who will help you every step of the way. An active and friendly guild. Resources for every game mode. A highly organized and competitive guild. 1st or 2nd in GW and FF. Availability of one on one help for GWs/dungeons. Opportunity to be a part of a guild that takes pride in high performance in every game mode. You will not be disappointed.

Posted on 8/14/17 6:24:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name:MyCrib
Recruitment Requirements:must play guild wars
Might requirements:100k +
Boss Level/Time: Boss 3 14:30 server time wait till leader give signal to enter 
Torch battles:dont haul early wait for leader signal to haul
Fortress fued:always first or second
Might Ranking:289
Shard Ranking:462
Messenger Apps: Line Contact:saagecc  

Posted on 9/5/17 4:58:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: Eleven    Recruitment Requirements:
Platform:   AndroidMight: over 100K
Leader/Pres.:  AnniesyeBoss Level/Time:  21.00 server time
Vice #1: AguttiTB:  need to be active and do guild wars
Vice #2: Wiley8869Mesa Level/Time:  daily lave 3
Might: 8733082WG:  G4 or infernal daily
Might Ranking:  71Donations: 0
Shard Ranking:   Messenger Apps: Line Chat add me Anniesye
Contact: Anniesye  my lineSpecial Requirements:  Have to get over 1600 in guild wars
Special Incentives:  Being in a easy going friendly guild

Posted on 9/8/17 7:47:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: Mutilator 2              Recruitment Requirements

Platform: iOS                               Might required:  10000

Leader: Manly2                            Boss Time/Lvls: 3 @ 16:00 server time

Vice #1: mabalasek2                  Torch Battles: Not required, but strongly encouraged

Vice #2: topherhp18                   Lava: Lava 3 Groups in place

Might Rank: 641                          WG: wg4 sometimes if players need

Donation Rank: 1976                  Donations: None, but some giveaways for participation  
                                                     every so often

Messenger App: Line chat app   Other requirements: 
                                                       Must have Line chat app
Contact: (line ID): Guinius01001                                       

Positions available: 18