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[Guild] Guild Index Submission(s)

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Posted on 7/2/15 5:40:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: AngelWingsRecruitment Requirements: Just be active and friendly.
Platform:  Android
Might: 10,000
Leader/Pres.: LittleAngellBoss Level/Time: 1 or 2 @ 7:00 Server Time
Vice #1:
TB: not able yet but will do when we're able to
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time: 1-2-3 after Boss
Might: 341K total mightWG: 1 after Boss
Might Ranking: 5277
Donations: Donate what you can but have to donate something. No donation after a while will count as inactive.
Shard Ranking:  22659Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: Via Line ID: jenny580
Special Requirements: Must speak English
Special Incentives: Easy going guild

Posted on 7/4/15 10:25:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: Masters_of_DWG: randomom
Recruitment Requirements: Active. Friendly. Must attend torch at 20:45. English speaking.
Platform:  Android 
Might: 20000
Leader/Pres.: toni1971
Vice #1: alan6977
Vice #2: Kaide88
Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 16:00 Server Time
TB: Must be active
Mesa Level/Time: random  
WG: random
Might Ranking:  407
Shard Ranking:548
Donations: None Required
Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: toni1971mod or yerbruh
Special Requirements: TB Hauling
Special Incentives: 

Posted on 7/5/15 9:20:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: EliteNgnerzRecruitment Requirement: Minimum 10000 might, Donate what you can
Platform: AndroidMight: 75359
Leader: 01DaMan01Boss Level/Time: For now Tier 1 or 2 @ 18:00 server time
Vice 1: LookingTB: Please participate
Vice 2: LookingMesa Level/Time: Level is TBD after Boss
WG: After Boss
Contact: Line @ DaMan01This is a new guild. Only 17 members. Looking for mature and social members to build a strong guild. Need to find a person whom I can make Vice that can help out with recruiting and team strategy

Posted on 7/5/15 4:56:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: FinnSean                     Might: 2,000
Platform: Amazon                           Boss: 1&2 M-Th 21:00, F-Su 11:00
Leader: Wold                                  TB: Yes, help if you can
Might: 145,269                               Mesa: 1 daily after boss
Might Ranking: 575                         Donations: 20 weekly
Shard Ranking: 1,054                      Messenger Apps: None

Posted on 7/6/15 8:37:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild name: PotatoNinjaz           Requirements: none
Platform: Amazon.                                                MIght: 8000
Leader: Ninjaflamingo                                          Boss level/time 2 @17:45 server time except Monday and Wednesday until further notice
Vice #1 Lodaga              Mesa 1 daily
Vice #2 xXRyanXx                                                 WG: none
Might ranking: 124.                                               Donations: 35 if you come for boss and half of TB
Shard ranking: 215                                                Messenger Apps: none
Contact: pm me on social I'm on often.             Special Incentives: super friendly guild and active

Posted on 7/6/15 10:10:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: ♥♡<<ARMSTRONG>>Recruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might: 20k
Leader/Pres.: sskakarottBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 23:30 Server Time
Vice #1: ahaa610TB: Must participate regularly at 20:45
Vice #2: kurdistanMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might:WG: 1-3 Daily
Might Ranking:  734
Donations: none, 200 shards if you cannot make into TB
Shard Ranking:  637Messenger Apps: Line Chat (optional)
Contact:  Line ID: sskakarottSpecial Requirements: Must remain active, Must participate in TB
Special Incentives: 

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but the butter was bitter,
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Posted on 7/6/15 10:37:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: SoBossRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might Required: 30k+
Leader/Pres.: DRzFinestBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 21:00 Server Time
Vice #1: BenForJesusTB: Must be active
Vice #2: Ryuu__Mesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
WG: 1-3 Daily
Might Ranking: 461Donations: 350 weekly
Shard Ranking:  313Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  DRzFinest1 (forum) eteben (LINE ID)Special Requirements: Must have PD & TB Hauling, Line chat app
Special Incentives: Might Comps, GPCs, etc.


Posted on 7/7/15 7:54:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: Mayhemmonster2Recruitment Requirements: you must join torchbatle at least 3 times a month in the last 15 min
Platform:  Android Mightrequirement: 60k
Leader/Pres.: Silla Katusch IGN: T4mponBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 10:30 Server Time
TB: Must be active
Might Ranking:  50Donations: None Required if u attend all TB
Shard Ranking:  400Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  chatapp "line" from playstore. search and add me with my ID: Katusch

Posted on 7/7/15 5:52:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: SHINNNv.2Recruitment Requirements: Must have Line Chat, SM, Mino - Negotiable
Platform:  iOS Might: 80k Negotiable 
Leader/Pres.: RenkFaszeBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 11:00 Server Time, free for all
Vice #1: BestwelTB: Activity required
Vice #2: Callum_RobboMesa Level/Time: Daily 4
Might: 6.25MillionWG: Daily 2-3
Might Ranking:  20Donations: Below 80k 150/wk. Over 80k no weekly donations required. 150 Shard Buy in. 
Shard Ranking:  87Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: Via Line ID: RenkFaszeSpecial Requirements: Line chat, Torch activity
Special Incentives: No Donations required above 80k might

Renk Fasze
Posted on 7/7/15 7:39:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: PoseidonsSpear    Recruitment Requirements: Reviewed

Platform: Amazon                    Might: 7000

Leader: CowboyVet                  Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 21:00 Server Time Daily

Vice #1:  Buddons42                TB: Group Haul at 20:45-20:50. Please Show up and do
                                               not haul early. Prior to Group haul please do not haul if
                                               ranked in Top 10.  Max Rewards. 

Vice #2: blah4                         Mesa: 1 to 4 available daily after boss

Might: 1497375                       WG: 1/2 available daily after boss

Might Ranking: 64                  Donations: 200 shards a week

Shard Ranking: 67