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Posted on 6/17/15 7:05:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please be advised that we have created a couple of new threads: (1) "Guild Index" which list all the Guilds in alphabetical order by platform, so that members seeking a guild can find the pertinent information in one location in one thread:  (2) "Looking For a Guild?" where members actively seeking to join a guild are to post their information here in forum so that potential guilds can contact you with invitations to join.  You may also choice to register in the "Castle Clash Guild Directorywhere members can search out your guild based in specific criteria.

This was done for a couple reasons, (1) To decrease the number of Guild related threads in the General chat sections, (2) Make the process of finding and joining a Guild an easier process for all involve.  With this thread Guild Leaders / Recruiters can read your information and make a decision as to whether or not they feel you meet the guild requirements and will be a good fit for their existing team.  This does not preclude you from searching the Guild Index and applying to any guild which you are interested in. Members and Guilds may still create and maintain a thread in the Guild section separate from the listings above.  We also feel that when creating these individual post(s), that it is best to follow the templates provided as they contain most of the information required to make a decision on recruitment or acceptance of an applications for membership. You may also opt to search the "Castle Clash Guild Directory" by the criteria you want.  Threads should also be labeled as follows: 

                                  Purpose         Platform       Name
Title for guild leader:  [recruitment] [amazon][guide name]
Title for players: [IGN][Android] [Might] [Time zone]

If you are a Guild complete the template here to be added to the Guild Index: 

If you are looking for a guild fill in the information required and post here:

Feel free to pm me with questions or post in the Event Q&A thread.  DO NOT PM ME YOUR INFORMATIONl

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