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[Guild] Castle Clash Guild Finder App for Android

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Posted on 10/7/15 5:36:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Fellow Clashers!

First off, I'd like to thank FirstLady for her hard work and dedication facilitating this forum.

Facing the challenges of recruiting players and the limitations of this forum, I decided to write an app where Guild Leaders can manage the information in real time.

Main screen (lists all guilds in database sorted by last entered / updated / bumped):

To filter guild by might and/or boss time, click on the search icon on the top right. A dialog box will appear.
If might is left blank, it searches for all.  Enter might range and Boss Time range and click on the search icon to the right of Boss time to filter.

To add, update, or bump your guild, press the + sign on the main screen.
If you are a new user, the form will be blank (left screenshot below). Enter all fields and click Add.
If you had previously entered data, the form will be pre-populated with your information (right screenshot below). Update information as required. Press Update / Bump.
To prevent spamming the database with garbage, each device can only register 1 guild.  Guild Name cannot be changed once you've submitted your guild info.

Thanks and I hope this will help some of you find a home and keep on Clashing!


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Nicely done lex. It is an awsome app

Trevor Ballard
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Very nice idea !!! Already added mine !

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Thanks for the support..  I sincerely hope this makes it easier for us Guild leaders to recruit.  I lost 5 players after they went back to school and it's been tough trying to find equivalent replacements.

BTW, those who have entered their guild info..  "Up to Max" means members who reach that level don't need to donate anymore. Leave at 0 if there's no max.  In my guild's case, we require 1000/week but once they hit 10k, donating becomes optional.  We sustain shards through quests.  I think some of you interpreted that as weekly max.  I'll have to think of a better descriptor to avoid confusion.

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Is there an html version of the app? If so, I might be able to put this in my Calc app as well.

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Sorry Krikara, it's purely an Android app.
Have you reached out to the guys who manage

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Nice idea, but the app crashes frequently.

I manage site. Use the contact form to get in touch with me...

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bump... great idea

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EDIT:  I posted a fix for duplicate entries tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm seeing some residual duplicates on the list even though the app is supposed to remove all duplicates. I'll fix this bug asap.