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[Guild] [Android] Join The_Phoenix ; B3 @10:30 & B5 @11:00 Lava & WG : Reborn From Ashes

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Hi all, Welcome to The Phoenix guild. We're friendly and peaceful guild. Our guild offers a friendly, yet competitive environment where you can develop your Castle Clash account, learn, chat and have fun with players.

••• About us •••
Guild : The_Phoenix
Credits Rank : 319
Might Rank : 1000

••• Guild Event •••
Daily Boss 3 : @ 10:30
Daily Boss 5 : @ 11:00 
(we can change the time demanding more player)
Torch Battle : Haul @ 20:45
Guild War : 24 hr Event
Fortress Feud : @ 04:00-05:00/12:00-13:00
WG3 All days & WG4 ID upon request
Random and set Lava 3 teams

••• Guild Info •••
We are a top guild seeking good players that are active in guild activities.
Get Max reward on TB. 12000 HB & 960 Shards
Level 12 Guild Hub, Level 5 Treasury and Level 5 Magic Bureau with all spells level 5.
Friendly line chat group with a fun atmosphere.

Give GW tactics and bases to help.
We have a very active conference guild chat for help and coordination

••• Rules •••
Must be 80k might (can be lower might if they active)
Must be active at least one Torch Battle per week
No hauling before 20:45! Haul + Defend will help us
Guild Wars is mandatory. Must participate in GW
We want minimum score depends on might
We don't accept members with inflated might
LINE app mandatory
We will kick inactive members

••• Contacts •••
search by LINE id, go to Google Play, search LINE, install application. Press Add Friends +, then search by ID on the bottom right, type id.

           Leader : xhoustonkingx
Vice Leader : iMesutOzil  

#ThePhoenix #ClashOn
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• Phoenix is Recruiting  -
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:heart: SOME LAVA 3 VICTORY :heart: