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[Guild] (Android) MolectricaKnight recruiting 60k+ english server

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Posted on 5/26/17 11:22:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello to all Castle Clash Players=)

I search for my Guild MolectricaKnight Guild activ members 60k+ Might will be nice.
Gw and FF is a must other events are awsome to good rewards:D
For Gw we have a rule 1% on points of ur Might, i think its easy evryone can do it:)
Boss is 12:00 server Time.
We have Wg4 and Lava3 Teams.
We have a little rule for Shards when u do ur Quests donate double amount of shards for guild.
We have Whats app chat and Line.

If u have more Questions Type me ^.^

Thanks Mfg Hoizi

Hello to all CC players
Hoizi here 212k might

all activ players join Tropaion guild
Posted on 5/26/17 12:16:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please enter which platform you are form, in the title of the thread, it is a requirement in Guild/Lava and Mesa Thread. I  shall be locking this thread until you meet the requirement.once edited. Please P.M me to Unlock it :)


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