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[Guild] Looking for a platform

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Hey, I'm Scorp with old schoolers message me on line scorpgirl34

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Come Join Confuseddruids (Android)

 Confuseddruids is a 750 might ranked, max level guild. The guild has some very strong players that have already beaten Insane Dungeon 6-10, and HBM AE. Strongest members are farming Lava 3. If you need help progressing your account, you can find it here.

We have only Two rules to follow:

1. Players must participate in EVERY GUILD WAR and attempt to participate in FORTRESS FEUD. Non-participation in GW will result in getting kicked from the guild. If you feel that you will miss GW, we allow you to leave the guild befor GW starts and rejoin the next day.

2. No torch hauling until 20:45 server time. Participation will help us continue maxing rewards. No early haulers. No worries if you miss, there are enough members to get max torches.

 What Confuseddruids offers you:
- Very competitive in Guild Wars, 1st or 2nd place.
- Fortress Fued at 20:00-21:00, First place in most FFs.
- Boss time: Boss 3 21:00 no limits, Boss 5 at 21:30
-Lava teams avaliable.
- Torch wars: Max rewards (960 shards/12k hb)
- Donations: No donations required (quest donations fund Boss)
- Lost Realm: Several of our high might players provide a team for you to use to beat lost real demons.

 What Confuseddruids wants from you:
- Participate in Guild Wars. Must use all 5 GW raids and score as many points as possible. Always strive to out score all others in your might range. We have set score limits we require all guild members to reach.
- Must have a GW defense base setup for the entirety of each GW.
- Attempt to participate in Fortress Fued. Attendance is greatly appreciated so we can continue to fight for first place finishes.
- If able, attempt to participate in Torch Battles.
- Must have Line to be easily contacted. You are not required to take part in the daily conversations, we just ask you to have it so we can easily update you with any important information. Our line chat is very active and a great atmosphere. We have guides and all our members constantly helping out with any questions.

Guild leaders:

Leader: kingtrini2 (Line ID: kingtrini)
Vice Leader (me): Zace2010 (Line ID: Zace2010)
Vice leader: Gonen (Line ID: Gonen)