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[Chat (Amazon)] State of the Amazon Nation

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Posted on 3/12/18 3:48:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So how is Amazon doing?   How do you like playing on this server?

I'm always hearing rumors, and every server seems to be doing different things with the bazaar, sometimes with different heroes, etc.  What are your thoughts on how we're doing on Amazon these days?

Posted on 3/12/18 3:53:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Personally I am finding that Castle Crisis is taking much longer to finish this time around.  We're barely making a dent anywhere but Ember Army.

Maybe it's time for an adjustment to Impster or Avarificer so a single round of Castle Crisis doesn't take so much longer than it used to?  

I imagine partly to blame is a drop off in players, but some of it might be due to an increasing portion of players not bothering to play Castle Crisis anymore too.  I could see why ... after a certain point, the rewards level off and playing more Castle Crisis doesn't seem to get you more rewards.

Posted on 3/12/18 5:20:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah, it is taking a while. I think donations is going up about 10% a day if that.... I noticed a large decline in activity after Christmas but I think it happens every year. The thresholds for those events should be lowered so it doesn't take 2+ weeks to complete before arch demon. I still try to participate but frequently miss due to the donations event being maxed after 5 days.

Overall I do prefer this server over Android due to the diversity in level you see among the top guilds. It is also way more relaxed environment and that may be partly to blame for the castle crisis issue.

Posted on 3/12/18 8:26:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There's been talks about Amazon shutting down, interesting video detailing such
Amazon server shutdown

Posted on 3/13/18 1:20:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agreed, crisis takes way too long on this server. It's taken long forever, but ever since they added the new buttons its been taking weeks. I like the idea of a week long event that the whole server does, but I don't think it's done right.

Posted on 3/13/18 10:08:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see a few issues. There is a high level of burn out these days. We have so many things to do that we have to make choices on what is worth the time investment. For example, i do labyrinth once and don t try any further, it takes too much time.Crisis takes too much time to get to the archdemon, its a combination of fewer players, people not donating, and others unaware the event is happening.
Personally, it is so easy to hoard massive amounts of resources, but the rolling system is killing the game. Too many obsolete heroes roll, and both p2p and f2p are frustrated by that. What good are tons of resources if you can't roll the heroes?

Posted on 3/14/18 12:22:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

this was an awesome read yall love the game and will roll with the punches

Posted on 3/14/18 3:16:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am pretty sure Crisis has been updated (stealth update?) to make it take longer (require more damage/points/donations/etc.)

On iOS we used to have pre-AD Crisis last 2-3 days at the most.  Ember Army was dying in like 6 hours.

Then overnight, the next EA took 18 hours and now Donations and Impster is taking 5-7 days.

Either Crisis was changed, or like 50% of the active iOS population quit in one week.

iOS - DarkKnights
Posted on 3/14/18 4:40:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

When it comes to Castle Crisis, forgotten is the fact that the interface was poorly redesigned and now events are lost in oversaturated tabs. The Amazon server has slowed significantly over the last 6 months, but not to this degree.

To clarify, I've donated max gold and mana all but 1 day (forgot) and am in the top 800. I know I've passed the rewards threshold by now, but this means less than 800 have donated max gold and mana daily.

Furthermore, I've remembered to do impster 3 times in total and was in the top 3000 as of an hour ago.