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[Chat (Amazon)] State of the Amazon Nation

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Posted on 4/15/18 7:46:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To me there are too many modes to do...the dad thing is when I played a ton i wanted more things to do, now I leave a bunch, even those with good rewards on the table because it takes too long.  I am lucky to do arid once a week, same for lab, SS and others, aside from quests. Expedition and lb/lr  I just don't bother.  FF and GW , lava 4, ISx  are the staples to my play.  With a series of setbacks (losing talents and rolling 15k+ gems to get them back and never seeing a 5/, I just gave in.  Yes I could have contacted service but I see no point.)  

I still love to play but don't like alot and have never felt IGG has cared at all about Amazon or any severs beyond Android and iOS, just take a look at who can get bundles in WeG, even after a year.

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Posted on 4/15/18 8:17:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think we are seeing crisis take so long because many players do not play it and also many if the f2p players are leaving the game.  My guild had two exit around one of the last few updates.  The game seems to want to run us off with the recent updates.  Lossing higher might f2p will really hurt crisis.

I also agree with what others have said about there being just too many game modes to play.  It takes a lot of time to play everything.  I like playing labyrinth but rarely play it one time while it's open.  The aggrevating thing about it is that I often decide I have time to play it, only to click on it and it says it's closed.

I myself am somewhat tired of the game.  I'm to the point where when I get a new hero she is 200 devo within hours.  It takes away alot of the excitement but there is nothing that can be done about this.  Plus I so rarely get a new hero.  I recently went a stretch where the only new hero I got was gunslinger for a 10 month time frame.  That wasn't fun.  My luck has changed and got several newer ones now.  

I personally hate the broadcast feature and it seems creepy to have a bunch of kids soliciting each other on a tab right there on my game.  I've considered quitting over that and I know I wouldn't let my kids play this game anymore.  both my kids had accounts at one point and I'm very glad they quit before broadcast came out again.

well I could write more but I'll stop there for now .....

Posted on 4/16/18 7:04:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have found for the past month or so the Amazon castle clash server I feel like has been destroying itself with the bazaar. Just today there was a 9.99 pack that gave a lvl 2 prime hero card. I know for a fact that supply versus demand is not at equilibrium with these over-rewarding packs and even as a p2p Player myself I feel like 1-day old accounts can quickly just jump the leaderboards by paying $100. With this, I find no point in the gameplay and "story" of the game.

Posted on 4/20/18 5:34:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG's approach to updates is still the worst thing about playing on Amazon.  Don't understand their unwillingness to get updates pre-approved with Amazon before breaking game modes.

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