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[Chat (Amazon)] 2 theories about the update process

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Posted on 7/23/18 4:03:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've seen the complaints about amazon updates coming out late  so it got me thinking and I reliazed amazon  users are getting the perfected version of the update how I came to that conclusion was that after  android version comes out a bug thread pops up  so I imagine that they fix the bugs for android then give us that less buggy version   this is all a guess I can't confirm it so don't take it to seriously but I think it gives more ease to those anxious with when the update is released my second theory is that the castle clash servers update then amazon is given the pack to test it to make sure it's stable which for most amazon users should be good because we don't want igg to release a version that accidentally erases our accounts  but this is just something I thought up to hopefully start  some sort conversation about what other players are thinking while waiting for the update

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Posted on 7/23/18 4:37:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Fact:  With each update a "Bug" thread is posted for all the platforms, it just so happens that Android is generally the first updated.  Having said that, any serious bugs reported are generally fixed with a mini maintenance within days of the update, and since Amazon is generally not updated by then, I guess it would be a fair assumption that Amazon's version is released with fewer bugs.

Fact:  Amazon requires to update to be live "before" they will review for approval, however IGG announces the updates at the time that they update.  This process is the reason for the delay between announcement and release in Amazon store, as well as the ? mark symbols on all new released content until Amazon's final approval.


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Posted on 7/23/18 4:42:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Amazon is well known for delay in approval.   It has nothing to do with bug fixing, it has to do with Amazon dragging their feet.   There are many sources confirming that as a problem, for years.  

Here is an article called Submitting To Amazon, written in October 2017.  Key paragraph is "When would you like this app to be available on Amazon?: With this option you can add a launch date for your app, ... Note, that your app will have to be accepted first and that this may take some time (a few days to a week usually)".   

IGG submits app as soon as it is ready.   Then Amazon takes its time.   How long, it is up to Amazon to decide.  If Amazon drags their feet, it could be over a week, and actually has been that long several times.   

Maybe IGG could say "well, let's schedule it two weeks from now and then schedule server update then".   That would be enough safety margin for Amazon delay.   Would Amazon players like that?   Are you OK with delaying for as long as it is safe?

Truth is that Amazon approval process is antiquated and broken.   Google takes less than an hour to put up the new version.   Amazon is more of "whenever we get to it", and is totally unsuitable to today's fast development schedule.   IGG wants update out as soon as it is ready, which is when they update server and put up a message that update was done.   If Amazon approved it in hour, like Google does, it would not be an issue.

It has nothing to do with bugs.  Actually, Amazon stands in the way of fixing bugs.   When 1.4.5 was released on Android, it had minor bug.   Bug fix version 1.4.51 was ready and available on Google Play in 2 or 3 hours  after 1.4.5.   Do you think IGG is going to bother submitting a minor bug fix change to Amazon knowing that Amazon is going to sit on it for a week?

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Posted on 7/23/18 6:37:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

FirstLady and Fe203 hit the nail on the head.
Nevertheless im sure we will be responding and locking topics on the same subject next update, and the next one, then the next, and the next, and then the next..........
See how repetitive repetitive repetitive that was?

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Posted on 7/24/18 1:48:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't know anything about the Amazon process, but there is one thing I've always wondered:

Does the Amazon delay occur with other games on Amazon?

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