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[Chat (Amazon)] Iron Will For Rowdy Rascals?

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Posted on 9/30/18 10:24:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys...I rolled RR yesterday and kinda jumped the gun and threw a level 5 Iron Will talent I had sitting in my warehouse on him. I upgraded it to 8/8 and it gives him an extra 90 or 95% Atk for the first 18 seconds of battle. At 10/10, RR already has pretty impressive attack and when Blade Rascal comes out he automatically gains 100% Atk. Just wondering if I might have messed up or if Iron Will is a preferable talent for RR??? Advise and opinions welcomed...thanks guys!

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Posted on 9/30/18 1:05:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I rolled Rascals on update day with 10000 gems and sunder with 2 talent refresh cards. Have to say with that talent at 8/8 he is a beast and only level 180 no evo. using in arena, raids, and HBM. I would say if you plan on using him in dungeons iron will is a good choice.

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