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[Chat (Amazon)] i have a 5/5 Revite, who to put it on?

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Posted on 11/7/18 4:23:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

my heroes (plus talents) consist of PK (with lvl 4 enlighten) ,PD(lvl4 revive) ,vlad (same as PK), Gun slinger (lvl 4 scorch),Druid (lvl 3 bulwark) , immortep (lvl5 wargod), valentina (deadly strike lvl 3), tree(same as PD), SK (lvl 3 life drain), Dread drake (lvl 6 blade shell lvl 6, beast tamer (lvl 4 heavy blow), lady leo (lvl 4 war god), grimfiend (lvl 4 scatter), lil nick (lvl 5 revite), michael (tenacity lvl 6), heartbreaker (regen. lvl 5), rockno (same as SK), sasquatch (lvl 2 enlighten), Professer rib. (HB lvl 5), rowdy rascals (lvl 4 scorch), ghoulem (iron will), cupid (lvl5 scorch), trixie (lvl 4 self destruct) , pixie(lvl3 deadly strike), and medusa (same as SK).

(plus a few others, but they aren't too note worthy) 

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Posted on 11/7/18 5:16:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd probably say pumpkin duke, trixie treat, medusa, or maybe ghoulem depending on what lvl iron will is. (Ghoulem is already immune to stun so iron will isn't the best for him). Any of these heroes would obviously only get it temporarily until you get a better talent except maybe dusa. Out of those I'd put it on pumpkin duke, probably.

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Posted on 11/7/18 5:39:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would say Cupid or Val first, with that it is like all your heroes have revite. He will be good in all modes, without exception.
Unless you care more about PvP than Aries if you have him as still there are heroes which are not immune to his skill.
But if i were you i would wonder if first hero is Cupid or Val, and i would pick Cupid first. Those 2 heroes must have revite 4 at least. Otherwise they are useless.
PD can be next in line, all those heroes with revite 5 are game changers. But with Revite 5 cupid it will be enough for PD to have revite 3 (if cupid have reasonable skill lvl) and effect will be same if not better.

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Posted on 11/7/18 7:06:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Definitely put it on Cupid & that's his best talent. With Cupid at 9/10 you can use revite3 crest on others to effectively give them revite5's and at 10/10 you can use revite2 crest.

Posted on 11/7/18 8:08:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I remember when I was lower might, I wished I had put my first 5 Revite on my Pumpkin Duke. It is a huge help for dungeons especially if you have 11/11 skill so you can get that stun immunity right away. Cupid, Sasquatch, and Valentina are also good options but I think you will find Pumpkin Duke will give you that initial boost you need to beat a lot of dungeons and some other PvE modes and can even be useful in PvP

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