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Posted on 4/13/20 3:20:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I've been finding a insane amount of lavancia's in expedition. I need help on how to counter them. They're double evolved and have skin. Lvl200 BT 10+. I'm only 100k might and for a free to play player, fame is something I have very little of and need badly. Here are my hero's.
Not the best hero's, I know. But for 100k+ might. It's not that bad. No the blade dance on assassin is lvl5, it was a given talent as I claimed the hero. At least half of the hero's skills aren't lvl 5 expect for the first screenshot. All the hero's there have lvl5+ talents. Thank you and have a good one! :D

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Posted on 4/13/20 5:07:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think you should probably use your Ronin with doom balloon since your heroes aren't strong enough

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Posted on 4/13/20 5:20:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Unfortunately it will be this way, since you can Tapjoy it currently. Best strategy for those, who don't have it is either silence him with Ripper or Phobos, or use GW strategy which are Dove, Ronin or Rambard with Balloon pet. 
But You only have Landwalker and Ronin, and you should use them with Sasq, Anubis and other heroes you have. It is difficult to advise, since we don't see enemy base. Try to skip those bases if you will have option, but if there will be weaker defense go for it. 
Btw. i think Walla need SL right now, since he must survive to heal others, not lower healing of enemy.

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