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Some people intentionally don't do the first day, the reasoning behind this action is that it keeps your score low enough where you get not to difficult opponents and inch up gradually to make the 1K required for the 400 gems.

If you are seeing a pattern on the first day's battles then perhaps you might want to employ this strategy.  You should also revisit your team setups to try and improve your teams.


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Maybe because your team is not that good to fight immediately after the server reset. On average you should score at least 150 on the first day, that's assuming you win 2 out of 5 fights. If you can't win immediately after the reset, wait until the very last hour of the 1st day when everyone has done their tries. That way you might be paired against weaker accounts.

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On the first day i usualy get 450 points, then after tht i loose everybattle

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I finally started getting a consistent 1k+ per week, and I usually win 2 or 3 of the first battles after reset. Last week I even won all 5 and went straight past 300 points. If you want consistency, you need at least 2 very strong teams, with heroes that work together.

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I would reconsider how my teams are built if you lose all 5 after server reset. I usually get on about 7am server time and get 3+ wins for 200+ points. You might also be picking the wrong adversary. I sometimes find that the first batch of adversaries are over my head, so I take a chance and refresh the list.