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Hey Clashers,

Its time to take a look at all the support from our longtime Clashers! Share your love of the game by posting a review & sharing our video link of it on a social network! Tell & show your friends about Castle Clash and show how much you love it!

Event Period
November 12th - November 20th

How to Participate:

Tell the world about Castle Clash by sharing what you love about it on any social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, or any other along with the video link posted below. Leave a 20 word review about what makes Castle Clash great and share our video link. Don’t forget to include a link to the game. Once you publish your post, leave a link to your post as a reply in this thread.

Note: Posts submitted for this contest must remain visible during the entire event for verification and include the following information:So make sure pages are not set to private for the duration of the event, invalid links will be disqualified.

                          Video Link:         

If you have any questions regarding how to submit a valid entry read this thread:

If you have questions, please direct them here:

Event Link:  

                                ***This is a chance to win your choice of PD, Aries or Vlad***   

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