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[Chat (WP)] event carnival and gem purchasing

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Posted on 3/28/15 2:37:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For some reason or another when I login (WP) the event carnival screen appears with nothing available to choose from just a blank screen, is it supposed to show anything at the moment? I would assume if not then it wouldn't even pop up. Another problem in having on windows phone is my game crashes every single time i choose an amount if gems to purchase, is there a fix? And last but not least  on my windows version of the game I cannot read most of the questboard quests among other things that you would have to scroll down. I would reinstall the game but I'm not sure I would be able to keep all my data

Posted on 3/30/15 11:23:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The fix for the gem purchase crash is to simply scroll way down in that window then back up to purchase. Upon reinstalling the game the only problem I have had is that u have to recreate your base designs. All three will reset as whatever you have up upon uninstall. Hope this helps.