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[Chat (WP)] Newer accounts are luckier?

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Posted on 8/27/17 11:56:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey I've been playing a while now and I notice newer players rolling so many heroes that I don't even have :/ I made a mini account and I already have more legends on that 43k mini than my 170k might main. Anybody noticed newer accounts are luckier? I think IGG has it all worked out so they can catch up if you start later but it's pretty annoying :p

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Posted on 8/27/17 12:35:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well the difference is that  newer accounts are rolling for 40 new hero's and your account is only rolling for 3 4 or maybe even 5 new hero's but when you have nothing everything you get you need but now later on the game the odds rolling a specific hero are significantly worse

Posted on 8/27/17 12:43:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes. I agree with @bigdaddyhustle. When your accont is new, you are rolling for all hero;s and you feel that newer accounts are more lucky. but as you roll more into the game, the game same roll if you have that hero feels redundant. I have about  4-5 Kandy Kane, and when I rolles it for the 1st time, it seemed great, then it became like Oh..I have he.....

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Posted on 8/27/17 2:01:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

They let new players get a taste of that luck and then cut them off. These are the tactics to bring out the spending in players. Clash of dessert another IGG game I almost never play. But I logged in and had a 9,000 gem compensation for missing rewards. Which never happened. This is a tactic. Pump you up with gems let you catch something good. Makes you want to spend. New players get a couple good heroes then will feel they need certain other ones. And they start chasing the dragon (literally).

Posted on 8/27/17 10:55:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My 35k smurf  rolls legends all the time. It has almost the same heroes my 180k main has. I think the poster above, Corey, is correct in his statement.

Posted on 10/23/17 6:58:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

igg using political plans hehe

Posted on 10/23/17 4:46:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There isn't any hard evidence to suggest that new accounts are actually luckier, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. 

My newer F2P accounts roll heroes left and right, and my P2W account struggles, even rolling 2-3x more gems.  Oh CC, why must you be so cruel.

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Posted on 10/23/17 5:52:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would say that probability is probability. You can never say that any account is "luckier" in the way you presented that, because it doesn't work that way at all. There is a specified chance to roll exact hero - let's say it is 0,3% - it means that potentially you should get it in 1.000 tries 3 times. But it also can mean that you will get it in your first 3 tries, then for 997 tries nothing or first you will try 997 times and nothing and then get 3 in a row. But it is only simplified model. Your real chance (see Bernoulli scheme or Bernoulli shift) depends on this exact try. So every time you roll a hero you have everytime the same chance - in my example 0,3%. If you are lucky - you will get even 10 or 100 times this hero in a row. But when you will try like million times and keep score, you will notice, that you have gotten this hero 3 times every 1.000 tries in average. This is how it works and always worked in probability-based games.
Of course if you are lucky - the distribution of successes will be slightly over this average, and if you are not lucky it may be slightly below the average.
To sum up - you may have that kind impression, but come back after few million of tries and then tell us if your "new account" really has gotten that many good heroes as you thought today. It will probably take too much time to take this million tries (and too much money too), but I am sure that even in few days/weeks maybe months, the situation will get back to normal, and you will agree with me, that maybe your other account was much more lucky at the beginning, but now it is rolling the same.

Posted on 10/24/17 8:06:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you start 100 accounts, some will be luckier initially, but in a year or two (of equal play), they'll all have approximately the same heroes, and they'll all be missing a few too.

Posted on 10/24/17 8:12:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Idk what yall are talking about. My account is years old and I rolled 5/8 talents all the time and get tons of legends. Its all about how you think. Also, why does it matter? Play the game man. Your account is good right? Who cares then. No need to make it an issue man. I disagree though, I rolled a wallwalla on a free 150 roll who was born with 5 revite and I have a older account. I also bought michael and got a 5 revite on him when I opened him prior to that so your claims are false. Luck or RNG is all your seeing. Nothing is actually set in stone (Except for soulstones, augment stones ;) hehehehe) as far as older or newer accounts being more legend prominent, its a false claim with no evidence.

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