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[Chat (WP)] Newer accounts are luckier?

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well if everybody think new account can easy get OP / lengend hero, please someone do a test for creating 10 accounts let see if all of those 10 accounts can easily get OP / legend hero by spending same amount of gems as your main account

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Posted on 12/29/17 11:20:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My experience with multiple accounts is that some accounts are very lucky.  My android account (two plus years, 180k might) has generally been unlucky with majority of earned gems going back into gem rolls.  The newest hero on this account is Ghoulem, pretty brutal considering how many new heroes have come out and their relative power.  Remember older accounts generate gems much faster so they can generally roll for heroes more often although at the expense of talents/traits/enchantments.  Like I said I have been desperate for a new hero on this account and the majority of gems have gone back into hero rolls 2-3k at a time.

My sons account started out lucky and continues to get heroes much faster with much slower gem accrual due to lower might.  My windows account, I am starting to enjoy more because I have GS, Michael, Gh, Rhino, and all the same heroes on my android account in only a year.