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[Chat (WP)] Does windows server even require strategy and skill anymore?

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Well ive got just about all the crap heroes excluding mike and hb and Ive been able to mess with top mighters in every gw but as of today I still have the same heroes as before gs nubi rock skele ronin Tessa and walla came out. nothing new and everyone else I'm attacking has the new heroes and now I cant mess with them. I normally can but I guess its not my day :p point of the matter is I don't really see players even needing strategy or skill in the game anymore its  all about who pays the most to boost their hero the most and have the best heroes. I'd like to know if anyone agrees with me.

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Well, Compared to Android, WP has a smaller Player base and so, if you do get your hands on Anubis/Mike/GS/Rockno/Walla, it does become easy to work on  the high might heros. But mind you, even then, its quite a challenge on how to clear the high might base in GW.

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I agree with you up to a point. Having a GS on WP server assures you a nice and quiet GW on defense. It doesn't require much strategy and skill and most enemies will avoid attacking you when they see that hero in base. IGG really messed with that hero, but managed to rectify it by adding new hero Walla(a GS counter).
All the heroes you're mentioning (except Skeletica) can be won by f2p players as well so it's not about how much they spend but if you know how/where to channel your resources you can upgrade 1 hero quite fast(depends on how much you spend in game).
By adding the augment/traits system added with talents, inherited talents, crest and skill IGG offers a lot of paths for us to take when upgrading a hero.
So yes, I say that WP server still require a lot of strategy and skill to play it and that's why I'm still playing it.

P.S. I've seen quite a lot of people on World chat showing their TT with WG talent upgraded to 7/8. :)

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how about for the players that don't roll any heroes (me) lack of heroes = falling behind

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it does require skill. You cant just use one singular hero to take down a whole base. Still requires strategy and skill. An example of this is archdemon. My F2p friends do just as much if not more then my ptp friends. Still requires skill.

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Well yes we need it .......
Statergy at it best.
It Always help I fought my first 5-6 months with ......
Santa beat hell out of every base I get .
If u are f2p u should gain more knowledge of every hero use every aspect of them.but now my luck has change got many and many good heroes :).
Now I'm at 130k might and secured 150 rank at tommorow archdemon better than many of my P2P friends.
So f2p=statergy

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Back then, I managed to be first in Arena with 150k might. Without having Demo. Since Skeletica was released, it's way harder, even with all other heores on devo 200 by now with 230+k might... So something did definately change :P
But you can still do it. I always get max points at GW aswell. But Mechtessa and Skeletica are my only heroes missing, so I guess I'm out of the conversation anyways...