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[Chat (WP)] Matching FF and GW

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The matching system should be reworked.
Last FF our guild nemesis again 3 low mght guilds (only 6 times) no fun for all...
In GW again same opponent, 8 from 10 GWs

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Lazy guild members are the problem not the system.

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Just like Free_D said, the problem is with our guilds from WP server. Too many high might-ers (200-250k+) are spread in low lvl guilds. Everyone's goal should be to enter and be active in top guilds. Having 15-20 huge guilds would create awesome battles in both GW and FF. Competition can only lead to improvement. But the truth is that many slack badly on all events...

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I wanted to comment on "The_RiH" but my text is way to long, so here it is:

you'd think so, but in reality this doesnt work out on the current MM system. Yesterdays FF: 13mil, 13mil, 15mil, 19mil. Guess who owned 100% of the board at first phase? If IGG would categorize their guilds (average might / user, different tiers for the amount of players [66-75 Tier 1, 56-65 Tier 2 etc]) we could see some interesting battles.

BUT, and here it is: people will abuse any system. Currently top guilds leaving the main after a 1st rank GW to enter a different 2nd guild that didnt performed well last gw. They always switch between these 2 guilds to gain the max amount of fame.
Same for the avg might / player - people would create low smurfs to lower the avg -> lower ranking -> unfair fight

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I Personally feel that the system is okay. es some aspects such as now to match in high level guilds, which needs to be looked in a bit. other then thati Think its great.

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Posted on 1/8/18 2:00:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This should also be on Rih, but what you proposed happened on the Amazon server and you still see the same guilds over and over again. In guild wars we have seen the same team 5 times in a row, but this is to be expected. The formula factors in guild preformance as well as might, but when there are multiple million might gaps in the top 10 this negates most of the preformance factor.

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hahaha we always face lime in almost FF

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Posted on 1/9/18 3:33:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


On WP server there are 4 not 5 top guild. Yesterday I've compiled a quick overview of the top 25 guild on WP, You will see why any of the top 4 guilds will probably crush any other guild 5th rank and under.

*guild at rank 18 had one player 199k.

More than half of all the 200K+ might are in the top 4 guilds. More than 80% of the 200k+ players are in the top 25 guild, This leaves around (in the best case scenario) 40 players in lower guilds. Some of these high might players could also be inactive accounts.

So it could be possible to form one more top guild with these 40 players.

To get 20 guilds of 70 players would require the top 1400 players to join, even then the top 4 guilds would probably still be way stronger since rank 1400 is around 110k might.

The top 4 guild are in a league of their own.