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[Chat (WP)] WP: The worst platform of this game?

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Posted on 1/26/18 5:29:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Am I the only one who plays this game on multi platforms so has the opinion that WP is like the embarrassing cousin of this game? It gets updates last, garbage bazaar events and is last in everything. Wouldn't it be nice to be on an equal footing with IOS and Android for a change? Don't we take the time to play this game? Don't alot of us spend money on it? Don't we deserve to be treated the same on this platform as others?

Posted on 1/26/18 6:48:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I could respect your opinion as to which platform might be considered the worst, as it is your opinion and you are entitled to it.  However when you complain;

"Wouldn't it be nice to be on an equal footing with IOS and Android for a change? ".
"Don't we take the time to play this game?" 
"Don't alot of us spend money on it?"
"Don't we deserve to be treated the same on this platform as others?"

Please bare with me as I respond out of order in terms of how your questions were posted.
*Yes.....Every member from every platform takes time to play the game.
*Yes.....There are spenders on every platform.
*Yes.....Every platform has the same content. Every update is submitted at the same time and updated as the final approval from the platform adiministrators is received.  Every platform has promotions and events.

*Herein lies the problem; Android was the first and has always been the largest platform for this game, while WP/WS was the last.  The members not only provide most of the volume and accordlingly most of the support.  For instance being the largest platform, containing the largest player base it is reasonable to assume that most of the financial support comes from Android Platform.  Having said that it is logical that the company would be more inclined to offer more incentives in exchange for the increased revenues.

Also every event ever hosted on any of the social media sites or forum is heavily supported by the "Android" members.  Being a host for many of these events I can honestly say that WP/WS is very rarely seen, yet we often get complaints about there not being many winners.  Which is really odd because if you don't participate, then how can you win?

Even if we disregard the fact that every platform on every server is a stand alone, meaning that the promotions and or events are varying.  It is really no way to justify complaining about not being on equal footing in terms of the perceived benefits that the largest platform received, when the platform complaining is not on an equal footing in terms of supporting the game in any category.  

Everyone can find something to complain about; Our iOS members receive a surcharge by Apple for purchases.  Other servers complain about being charged based on USD exchange rate.  Everyone has complained that the rolling system is broken and that TW receives all updates first, has heroes not available on any other server, and better events than any other server.  However unless all things are equal between the parties in question, there will never be a solid bases for any complaints.  You want to be treated in the manner you perceive that Android is, then first make sure you actually are equal in terms of your actual membership and financial support as Android is.  Then and only then will you have a basis for such a complaint.


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Posted on 1/26/18 8:38:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

no, fb is. after years of play it was abandoned. you had to stat over on another platform.

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I am from Wp/we and yeah things what our pointed out do used to bug me too..but I'm. Over it...just play and enjoy...that's my motto

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Posted on 1/27/18 12:16:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes to the title of this thread and, the game is probably still being hacked.

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Actually we're not always the last to get updates anymore. I don't spend, but heard others say that some things in bazaar are cheaper than on Android too.

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Posted on 1/27/18 5:55:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Robbo, we know each other since you were in our guild for a while and I'm pretty surprised by your misguided rage. I don't have accounts on other platforms but i have access to Android game quite often through my coworker account and I'm not that i pressed with the prices there. On Android they are more events in total but you get better deals here. If you are a p2p player that will allow you to develop at a faster rate than on Android. Let's not forget that on WP server with a decent dmg you can have quite a high rank on Archdemon, meaning more fame->faster hero upgrade. Same with events like GW or FF.
The only minus in terms of events is that here if you want to participate on Thunder Hammer event costs 300 gems compared with 150 on Android.
The fact that this server has lower members can have its advantages. Just enjoy the game because there is no point in being a bitter man that is pissed on a game. Happy Clashing!

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mehh... it's a free world.  play on a platform (or platforms) that best suits your entertainment values... I like the folks in my guild on windows servers so.. they are stuck with me.

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