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[Chat (WP)] Urgent Cross Platform Feature

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Posted on 3/13/19 7:12:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pls it's about time igg create a cross platform feature in the game with the new incoming update for those like me who wants to change their windows phone to android because windows phones sucks, soo many limitation and inconveniences with windows phones. Since I started playing this game I have never enjoyed a smooth play with raids, dungeons,team here be monsters, here be monsters and all the fights you can mention. The game runs very slow and gets stuck on the screen without allowing you to strategies, and at the end you loose all your heroes.plz igg create this cross platform feature urgently to help those of us who are not enjoying.thanks

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First, don't write ALL CAPS title again.
As for allowing all members from all servers to play on one global server would be interesting for sure and allowing some members from less crowded servers to compete with others.
But from what was posted before, there is slim chance for that to happen. It would require a lot's of work, lot's of testing, lot's of programming to join all servers together. I think this is most important reason why it didn't happened so far, and i don't think it will. It is better to close no profitable servers and focus on those who have much more players.
So as much as i would like to see it, something tells me it will not happen any time soon (if ever)

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that means i can used my windows base from a android device

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They can do something else. Instead of having a single server, allow us to move the data between servers. This would be way easier.

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Sorry tuga1, for a number of reasons I highly doubt that IGG will invest the time or money involved in creating a cross platformed environment. The most pertinent factor I believe is that this game is over 5yrs old.

Crossed platfrom environments are undertaken at the start and not years into a vehicle.  Even if this is something which IGG would be interested in, this game has so many variable elements that more then likely the result would be so unstable you would have even more complaints to voice.

Unfortunately your only viable option would be either obtaining another device compatible with another platform.  Android is also accessible via pc with the use of an emulator, this also means that you will have to start over.


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