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[Chat (WP)] Concern about Cosmo and Occultist

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Posted on 2/26/20 11:54:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

  • Greetings y'all,
    Currently, I'm having some issues with my bud Occultist and Cosmo. 
    • Occultist: I setup for him a 10/10 Sacred Light + 8/10 Empower/Flame Guard INS. and Holy Conviction Enchanment 5/6 with full Dodge and Mutant Cold Drake. The problem is, he dies easily when he's in front of some bt 7-15 hero like Lazu, Dove, etc. I don't know is there any solution for this. 
    • Cosmo: I give him 9/10 Empower/Flame Guard + 8/10 Wicked Armor INS and Holy Conviction Enchantment 5/5 with full ATK and Mutant Brave Croc. Well, he;s a bit squishy. He dies 1-shot from Bogeyman and other heroes. 

    Please help me, what did I do wrong in the setups.
    Thank you to all folks.

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Posted on 2/27/20 1:34:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

For occultist I would use health traits because he needs to survive for a short while while he procs and while he is proc ing he is invincible so with health instead of dodge the enemy can't take any cheap shots with their sniperes maxed with ACC.
For Cosmo only problem I see is you using wicked armour, which is good, in some cases. Wicked armour is used to block heroes like asure etc. But it makes him have no protection against anything else like normal dmg. I have found vital boon to work but any defence insignia works.
Note this is my opinion and might be different from others .

Posted on 2/27/20 3:49:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Problem with Cosmo is that either you are trying to protect him from damage reflected or direct damage. I see WA better with revite 5+, and SL better with Empower, but it is not rule. It all depend on heroes you are facing and their talents and which mode. If you will find few damage reflecting heroes SL will not help him. Imo you just can't keep Cosmo alive in every scenario.
As for occultist imo it is good to give him as much protection as possible. For def Empower is interesting, but for Offensive modes it is pointless since he have fast energy recovery, and it is better for example to give SL/SC than SL/Empower.
This is what i think.

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Posted on 2/28/20 11:56:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Also Cosmo lives WAY LONGER with healing ritual if you don't have it already