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Posted on 3/15/20 9:57:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The event Tree of Choice have been occuring for times in different server. Personally, I think this event is completely trash and gems-killing. The price for each time is TOO EXPENSIVE, and each time using a huge amount of gems, you just get junky things you don't even think you need. IGG should fix this, or increase the luck for better rewards, add better rewards or decrease at least 50% of the current price.

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Posted on 3/15/20 10:28:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Or you could simply not do the event I haven't spent a gem on it as I dont think its worth it but I'm sure some people have got something they needed

Posted on 3/15/20 11:39:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you kraggle for stating the obvious.  The event is designed so that you select your potential rewards, so the fact that it is still in existence someone must think it worth a portion of their gems.  

Also it is a bit contradictory for you to proclaim that in your opinion "the event is completely trash and gems-killing' and then complain about the price is too expensive for junky things.  So I have to ask if the event in your opinion trash or just too expensive? Either way you do know that it is a choice to participate.

Here is a bit of advice, just because you view something one way does not mean that everyone else is in agreement with you, if you want to make a suggestion then there is a section for that, however I encourage you to make a comprehensive, fact based one and omit the ranting, it will be much better received.


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Posted on 3/16/20 4:25:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have once requested folks to share opinion in this post:
Another new event on Android - Tree of Choice!
And many ppl wrote there with negative comments. But many was happy, cause they got what they wanted from there with one run.
Personally i do like this event, cause i got Rambard and Bloody Marry from that event (yeah, and HS also, but he is not dig deal) and many good insignias like SL, Empower, Survival. Therefore i can't agree with your "trash and gems-killing event".
Right now i do know i will not participate this event again, since i think i will have to use lots of gems to get last 2 event heroes i am missing. Maybe if there will be 2 EHC i will participate again.

I can agree that cost is high, but it is for all items, not for one only like Event Hero Card. You are taking all rewards which you want (and you select) so count again if up to 16k gems is worth for ALL those items. Of course if you don't have luck you may end up with HS + Warden insignias, which still have some uses, but those are not SL, Empower for sure which i guess you want. You should also expect best rewards will be last, not first. Otherwise you will react like now, cause you hoped you will get Event Hero Card and insignias in first 2 shots, while i think there is really slim chance for that, and it is better to think if you will get them as last, or almost last. So if you want only Fox or Saintess than better don't participate this event. Cause it will not end on one card for sure. Especially if you don't have too many gems to "waste"
But I am wondering what you would tell if you found Rambard or Fox and SL+Empower 10 insignias. Would you still consider those rewards as "trash" ?

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Posted on 4/6/20 6:39:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So. Based on my experience with this event I noticed that it gives you the least great rewards first so it encourages you to go for the better rewards. (for Amazon which I'm on.) It'll give event coins and magic powder. It's really a great way to get p2p stuff for being f2p it's a amazing I don't see how it's bad. Sure there's times it'll come on after you spent all your gems. But it's still a good event.

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