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[Bug] WP Game does not alert to Private Messages

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Posted on 5/28/18 8:08:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Since the update the game no longer puts a red "1" next to the friend icon if someone sends you a private message.  One of my friends complained that I was ignoring her, so we did a test and sent a Private Message to each other. Before the update a person would be alerted to such a PM by a red "1" next to the friend icon on the lower left of the screen. That would tell them to check for someone trying to talk to them privately. But now that alert never appears, so you would have no way of knowing someone is trying to communicate with you.  That's why she thought I was ignoring her.  I think it's because of the new "friending" function which puts the number of friend "sends" on the same red icon - perhaps the programmers forgot that icon is being used for PM too and its not alerting for both.  In any case, seems important to fix this so we can know when we receive a PM.

Dan H

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Posted on 5/28/18 10:17:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Same as Amazon server