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[Bug] Labyrinth Bug

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Posted on 2/26/19 10:16:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


In the labyrinth mode, the game is having a major bug. The support told me to reinstall the game. I tried their solutionit though. But it didn't help.

Here is the problem. When I switch a labyrinth and move let's say from 3rd to 4th floor, the labyrinth map doesn't refresh. Neither the blocks that you walk on, nor the opponents. The problem is that I can walk on that WRONG map and consume my stamina for NO REASON!!!! When I try to battle an opponent, the game does nothing and I have to close and open the labyrinth mode in order for it to refresh.

That bug minimizes any chances I have for progressing in the labyrinth mode, as even one wasted stamina can make a difference. Imagine what 5 wasted stamina steps can do...

I hope I get a compensation for this. I've already contacted support. I've sent them the pictures as well. I wish I could post them here as well.

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Well, you won't be. This is old not new. Log out form labyrinth everytime you change floor and you'll be ok.

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Happened for the 1st time to me today. After moving on to Floor 2, Floor 1's layout was still displayed. Closed Labrth and reopened. Hey presto.... all back to normal. Pic1 with error and pic2 after reopening Labrth. Thought it was a new glitch but then saw this post.

Posted on 2/26/19 4:49:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Mentalist you are really wasting your time pleading your case to the members as we have no control over implementing fixes or disbursing "compensation".  What the members can do is share any experience or information they have regarding the "Bug/Glitch", which indeed MikeHell" did.  

Until IGG is able to acknowledge this issue and hopefully apply the appropriate fix you should follow his instructions, as logging out and back in does generally fix visual glitches.  As for any compensation you should plead your case to IGG as again there is nothing anyone here can do.


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Why would they compensate us for a game mode that costs no real dollars to play? Since the majority of people do not have this issue (like me) I wonder if they will even fix it.

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