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[Bug] I cant login to my account it makes me go to my guest.

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Posted on 6/3/20 10:40:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whenever I try to go to my to my old account it puts me on my guest account I dont know how to solve this it is doing with all my accounts.

Posted on 6/3/20 11:29:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You didn't wrote on which platform you have this problem.
But if on Android make sure you have your correct account added to phone. If you have option to check it on different device please do it. This way we will make sure this is not device problem. If this will still not work clear cache of have our uninstall and install again. Another option is contact live support, just prepare some informations about your account, since LS may want to verify if this is indeed you're account.
If this is not Android than we will have to wait till someone else provide proposition how to solve it, since I'm not familiar with other platforms.

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Posted on 6/4/20 12:48:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please check and make sure that the email address is added in the game center, you can verify this if you can see the email address on the switch account page, if so then select the email address associated with the account.

If this is an Android account you should check and make sure that google services is not down, which would also cause this issue.  Live Support in this case is a last resort as they will instruct you to perform a series of trouble shooting task, the most effective have been listed here by Cichociemiak and myself.

For additional assistance from Live Support you will have to provide your IGG ID and forego the ownership verification process.


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