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[Fan Art] New Hero (Adventurer) new assasin hero!!!

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Posted on 5/3/18 7:19:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hallo, I got bored and got idea of this new hero, it take some thing from Lineage 2 if you know, and it would be new assasing after SK. 

Hero name : Adventurer 

Hero basic stats : Atk 6110 ( +-)
                          HP 76800 
                          Atk rate 1000
                          Speed 500 
                          Acc 1500 

Hero Skill : BackStap ( can be changed) 

               When hero is attacked it will teleport behind enemy and delas 500% fixed DMG

             and inflict( blind, stun or coma ) for 3 Sec, hero Gains 90% DMG reduction for 5 sec. 

                CD: 10 Sec, hero is imunte to any debuff conditions. 

Maybe its seems a bit more overpowerd but we kinda need something like that right? 

Here is also picture how it could look like !! 

Posted on 5/4/18 2:55:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, Kinda female version of Mike. But Interesting thought. She will be a cool hero to have for sure. probably have her attack and deal like 80 % Hp Damage at level 1 and grow it by 20 % per level, that way it won't be too OP.

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Posted on 7/17/18 4:28:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

500% fixed damage like not being mitigated by ss and other stuff? Sounds seriously broken actually, if 6k is his base attack without inscription, crests, talents, evo, enhancement, traits and so on...

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