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[Fan Art] Skull Knight Cosplay Update! :D Pauldrons!!!

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Hello Clashers! Here are the shoulders! I do my best to spell and grammar check my own work, but sometimes I miss things. Please vote at the end with which you like better! The weathered gold or the solid gold! Thanks a bunch! 

Thanks for voting and checking it out!

Alright guys! I had 7 votes for weathered, five on here and 2 from other sources, and 3 votes for solid gold on sources. So weathered won!

Here are the final pauldrons!

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1. Weathered arches!

2. Solid gold arches!

The poll has ended.


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I would go with the Weathered arches. 
Fits more with the idea that he has been wandering for so long waiting for someone that remove his curse.

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I'm speechless, and surprised for your work. I would never though of making something like this. Work you did is incredible, doing everything from scratches, without any help, basing only on pictures. That's something, really.:)
Now imagine what would be, if you made mask like that and wear it on Halloween. I bet not only kids would run away from you screaming in fear as loud as possible :D.
Maybe think to add dim light on his face, so in dark you will be able to see his skull in dim light, which will add scary effect to it. But really, what you did was incredible.

From those 2 i think that Solid gold arch looks nicer, but Weathered look more realistic. And this way ot looks better for me.

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woooww great job