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[Fan Art] How to draw PD from CC FB post!

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Posted on 6/3/18 11:35:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here was my attempt at PD water color style! I have the nose at the wrong angle and messed up on the edges of his head a bit. But a pretty good attempt xD Just need to know how to draw the rest of the body in this cute style. 

Hello! Editing because I drew another one! I tried drawing a body too and tried making PD look all cute but he ended up looking like a teenage punk xD I got too lanky of body and should erase it and make it smaller. Not a fan of his claws and man are stars harder to draw then they should be! I know, I should be working on my cosplay but I really had a hankering to draw xD 

P.S. If anyone wants to use these in any other fan art or anything else feel free!


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Posted on 6/4/18 1:40:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Great work man. It is nice to see that someone is enjoying from CC content but not only game content.

Your drawing reminded me tutorial i once saw how to create character in 4 steps.
First step was  just like on first picture, second was adding eyes, third was adding nose and mouth, and fourth step was adding "more" details (which was basically drawing everything else and finishing character completely ). That was interesting tutorial :D
BTW. I'm waiting for that SK Suit to be ready to use :)

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Posted on 6/6/18 3:32:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It looks pretty good. Just practice more and you will be really good eventually.