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[Chat (CB)] Insane Rolling Luck can lead to chaos(help!)

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So, recently with the big sale on gems i bought 20 dollars worth, 4000 gems. I rolled, and i got some amazing heroes...

Santa Boom born with 4/8 heavy blow
Aries born with 1/8 Scorch
Warlock born with 3/5 Enlighten
Beast Tamer born with 1/8 Self Destruct
and a Death Knight born with 1/8 Tenacity

I got so many good heroes that I don't know what to level up first, and it will take me ages to get the honor badges to level all of those up to my current heroes (level 120)

My Mite is 12000, and I need a fast way to get honor badges.
Also, I don't know what hero to level up first.

Please Help me!!!

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Well I don't know who your currently using, but I would get to work on Santa if you don't have Vlad. The best of that roll in my opinion are SB, Aries, and Warlock. BT is OK if you don't have anything better for now. DK isn't that great either. I use HBM sweeps for all my exp and sell every book I get from daily rewards and quests for HB. Set up your own little guild and do guild bosses every night or better yet join a guild. That's what I do and my hero's more leveled than most I come across in my range. Course some vets might have better advice...

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Dont worry about leveling them all up you will go crazy beacuse its not going fast enough and have a serious resource shortage . Focus on the main ones you need for dungeons &HBM once you get high enough everuthing comes easier then you can level up your secondary heros

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So many people rolling BT,

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[justify]You need to focus on Heroes that can increase your resources, I suggest focusing on SB and Aries, Do your Expeditions for HB, Focusing on SB will allow you to go further ahead in HBM, As for WL and BT, Idk about BT never had him but i don't think that he will be useful for you right now same for WL, Wl will start to be useful when you need powerful defense for GW and a strong sniper for the same reason, DK is a Hero you use for LB because all what's left in your Hero list is shard able shitty Heroes He is an accessory, So i strongly suggest leaving him a side for now.  .

So for now go for SB let's say lvl 140 with 6-7/10.Then go for Aries lvl 140 with 6/10. and wish to get Vlad mean while to help for HBM, Good luck mi8.[/justify]

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Santa Aries and warlock focus leveling them

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Sell the exp books. One 500k book is worth 12k hb