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[Sneak Peek] TW june 2018 update details

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Dear members of the Castle Warriors 

  , Castle Challenge Android version server is expected to be updated and maintained at 14:00 on June 12, 2018. The estimated maintenance time is 120 minutes. During the maintenance period, all Warriors will be issued a total of 800 stones. You will not be able to enter the game.Please ask the players and friends to tell each other and inconvenience to everyone. Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

1. The nameplate features a new type of spar. The whole set of 4 nameplates can be synthesized as a spar, and the spar can be upgraded to level 6. 
2. The BOSS type is added to eliminate the attack function. 
3. Scene ornament adds World Cup theme hero statue. 
4. Added limited hero recruitment function. (Activity is turned on)
5. The hero's fate book opens a new map. (【Witch Tribe】: Jumping Dr., Prisoner of the Jaws, Cursed Banshee, Queen of the Serpent, Shaman, Cyclops)
6. Add two heroes. (Modification No. 1: Green Iron Wall, Christmas Snow Monster: Reloading Behemoth)
7. New Heroes - Lava Wings (Winning Treasure Mystery Treasure Box II Randomly acquires soul stone, official activity)
Skill Name: Elixir
Skill Description: Primal form: Inflicts X% of normal X attack damage to X random enemy heroes every X seconds for X seconds, and increases X damage in X seconds. (Cooling time X seconds); Magma Wing Form: Inflicts an X-percent damage to an opponent's target in a random area around X seconds and blocks it for X seconds.(Cooling time X seconds) (A hero changes to a magma wing shape every X seconds for X seconds. When the hero changes to a magma wing shape, he restores his own X% of life and increases X's dodge rating. At the same time, he is immune to vertigo, fear, and energy. Deduction effect, speed energy recovery)

Note: After the server is updated, if the player does not update to the latest version of the client, it may cause new hero new pets and other issues that can not be displayed properly, the player please wait patiently to update the client, you can normal. 

1. Adjust the knight function. (Adjust the fighting power division, and increase the number of original titles, increase the knight gift package and the functions of the various knights.) 
2.  Adjust the position and style of the love carousel refresh button. 
3.  Adjust the resource recovery function. (When the resource exceeds the upper limit, a prompt will pop up. The player can choose not to retain the overflow to recover other remaining resources.) 
4.  Some function interface adjustments. 
5.  Adjust the way the prop room opens. 
6.  Fix an issue where the ice wizard pet moves abnormally in the arena. 
7.  Fix the problem that the Alliance BOSS will not automatically pop up the battle report interface after the battle is over. 
8. The height of the hero's altar slot is increased by 1. (Max. 92) 
9. The maximum capacity of props is increased by 10. (upper limit 300)

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So are you back to stay?


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i cant understand this haha, gonna wait better translation i guess

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Name plate ? means crests
what about spar ? does this mean talent? and upgradable to lvl 6

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The google translate updates never fail to entertain, lol.

5 stars!

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Off my guild chat.

Newly added:
1) New crest upgrade" the whole set of 4 pieces crest combined into one becomes "SPAR", it can be upgraded to level 6
2) added new Archdemon type
3) New world cup themes decoration
4) New added limited hero hiring features (Event type)
5) New destiny: Ribbit, Walla, medusa, Cyclops, shaman
6) New skin: CR-01 and Sas
7) New hero - Lava dragon (Name to be confirmed), event type or chest II from Lab
Original form: deal x% normal damage every x sec for x sec to surrounding random x targets, increase nemey damage taken by x% (cd x sec)
lava form: deal total x% normal damage in x sec to 1 nearby target area, petrify for x sec (cd x sec)
hero transform to lava form every x sec, for x sec. lava form self healing x % of HP, increase x dodge, immune to stun, fear, energy reduction, fast energy recovery)

1) title enhancement (recalculating title points allocation, the rest im not sure yet)
2) enhance friendly wheel
3) enhance slavage (collect when more than what your gold and mana vault can hold)
4) interface change
5) amend warehouse expansion method
6) fix the bug for new pets arena bug
7) boss fight bug
8) increase altar by 1
9) increase warehouse 10

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Hi, my name is Trevor :3
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added some new titles and additional 1 time rewards  for some titles, added separate crest room

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that new dragon's dodge rate is too badass

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What is wallawalla destiny?