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[Off-Topic] New Taiwan update details

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Dear Castle Warrior

  "Castle Hegemony" Android version of the server is expected to be updated and maintained at 14:00 on July 13, 2018. The maintenance time is expected to be 120 minutes. During the maintenance period, a total of 800 gems will be issued to all the warriors . You will not be able to enter the game at that time. Please let the players and friends tell each other, please forgive us for the inconvenience, thank you for your support and cooperation.

What's new :1. Add an anniversary scene skin.
2. Added anniversary collection and redemption activities.
3. Added hero fashion enhancements.
4. Add a regional map to the hero's fate function. ([Flame Canyon]: Alchemist, Axe of Doom, Wing of Fire, Wing of Lava, Tamer of the Beast, King of Destruction)
5. Add two new talents, nameplates and spar. (Holy Light Convergence and Devil's Contract)
6. Add two heroic costumes, (Glory Goddess: Star Commander, Flame Warlock: Victory Whistle)
7. New Hero - Ghost Eye Shura (Gem Extracted)
Skill Name: Blood Blade
Skill Description: Inflicts X% damage on X enemy targets per second and eliminates the target X point energy. (After the hero skill is triggered, the game continues and the energy is no longer deducted. The hero is immune to dizziness, fear effect, and X% damage when it is hurt.)

Note: After the server is updated, if the player is not updated to the latest version of the client, it may be The problem that the new hero, new pet, etc. cannot be displayed properly, the player should wait patiently for the client to update, then it will be normal.

1. Adjust the ranking mechanism of the world BOSS to annihilate the general level damage.
2. Optimize the nameplate upgrade feature and adjust the spar upgrade level cap to level 7.
3. Fix the chat interface hero information can not display the spar problem.
4. Fix the problem of not showing the spar level when viewing the details of the spar item rewards.
5. The “Leaderboard” tab name in the leaderboard interface is changed to “combat power”.
6. Improve the text of the main interface of each function in the alliance activity.
7. Optimize the desert relics combat system.
8. Fix the problem of unbeaten golden body and other immune vertigo effects.
9. Fix the problem that the detonator needs the general attack in the arena to put the skill.
10. Fix the problem with the hero expedition reset card, which will clear the team.
11. In the repair team's defensive function, the hero equipment spar does not calculate the combat power.
12. The Swallowing Sacrifice in the Reward mission increases the option to use the Gems Complete.
13. The upper limit of the heroic altar hero slot is increased by one. (Upper limit 93)
14. The maximum capacity of the props is increased by 10. (upper limit 310)

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Thanks. I think it was long time since i didn't understood so many things translated from google. Well let's hope update will be tomorrow, or beginning of next wee, not on GW day again.

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The new hero, nevo and evo. 
The face reminds me the Salarians from Mass Effect. 

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Here a better translation
Tw is getting a new update...
Taiwan server update translation:
Newly added:
1. New anniversary background
2. New anniversary items exchange event
3. New Hero's Skin features enhancement
4. New destiny: Alchemist, Dracax, Moltanica, Lavanica, Beast Tamer, Destroyer
5. New talent & Crest set: Tentative name: 1) Holy Light 2) Devil contract
6. New Hero skin: Athene & Warlock
7. New Hero: Asura (Tentative name)
Skill: Deal x% normal damage every second to surrounding x enemy targets, reduce energy by x. (Once hero proc, the effect will remained the whole battle, immune to energy reduction. Hero also immune to stun, fear, deflect x% of damage taken)

1. Archdemon damage ranking system adjustment
2. improve Crest upgrade system, also increase insignia level to 7
3. Fix hero insignia info in world chat
4. fix Insignia info bug
5. Player ranking tab change name to Might ranking
6. Improve Guild activities description
7. Improve Arid Rune game play
8. fix Ironwill and other stun or coma overlap issue
9. Fix Storm eater auto proc in arena bug
10. Fix Expedition card bug
11. Fix Team HBM where insignia doesn't count into team might
12. QB - consume sacrifice now can be completed with gems
13. Increase altar spot by 1 (max 93)
14. Increase warehouse slot by 10 (max 310)

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Looks like a lot of changes, hopefully welcomed.
Interesting to see whats changed with Arid Ruins

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Insignia level to 7, already? Holy smokes they dont lose time do they

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Looks like a anniversary cake exchange for a month.  When you run stuff you get cakes or cupcakes, and then exchange them for loots.   Loots not shown are skins fragments for LN, Rockno, Creation, Mike or Tree or boxes.

Wonder how much active player can get.  All, some, a few?

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I have high hopes for:

2. Improve Crest upgrade system. (hope that they removed the confirmation for inlaying and maybe even fixed the crest scroll bouncing back on creation!) :O


7. Improve Arid Rune game play (Maybe its playable now)

But will most likely be disappointed :D

Posted on 7/13/18 11:03:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Two new talents (only showing 8/8, cause that it all that matters)

Holy Light 8/8 increase HP by 65%, reduce damage taken by 50%

Devil Contract 8/8 Increase attack by 150%, increase self damage taken by 20%

Rusty take...   Daym, those are OP.   Holy Light is near perfect tank talent and really makes SS almost useless.   

Devil Contract is interesting that it increases damage to self.  Signing contracts with devil gotta come with penalty.   But 150% attack boost?   That will take WG out of preference list.

Guild: Neldy on Android (we are recruiting)
Name: Rusty (Rustyx in game)
Might: ~300k
Guild title: resident wisenheimer.
Line ID: Rustytroll (big shock there, eh?)