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Let's just hope IGG doesn't decide to change a core mechanic of the game during GW day

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This is a joke, why not just increase the slot-limit on artifacts and maybe increase their max level and we were good to go.
Seriously this looks like the exact same thing, except instead of artifacts, you have wardens T_T

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It call being creative...
1 for the money :)

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I guess this is the thread to discuss new artifact/warden system, despite ubersuperextraLAME title.

This just posted on FB:

Introduction to Factions
The current Artifact system will be replaced by the new Factions system in the August 2018 update. All resources used for upgrades in the Artifact system will be returned to players.

There are three Factions in this latest system. Each Faction has their own Warden (Prophet, Saint, and Brawler) who watches over several Heroes. There are three main uses for Wardens and their Factions:
1. They raise the attributes of Heroes in their Faction.
2. Each Faction has an advantage against one other Faction, rock-paper-scissors style.
3. Wardens can unleash their unique skills during battle when requirements are met.

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Make sure to have your saving ready for update.:D

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Dove & Espirita skins