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[Sneak Peek] Sneak Peak: more about the Wardens

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Today we received new information about the upcoming group mode:

All the resources needed to update guards and group effects (?) Are generated in this mode.

There will be special missions and challenges. Their successful completion will bring unique rewards. In addition, the daily reward will depend on progress.

Each guard has his own ability to be included in the battle. More specific data on the available skills will be published in the coming days.

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Post your source reference link please


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He is talking about this post on Castle Clash Königsduell Facebook page.
It mentions certain group mode (maybe the Forgotten Trial?, or another different game mode) will give the resources to level up / upgrade the Wardens.

But again, it's Google Translator, so something could be missundertood. 

@Ocketrer, thanks for all the info you have been posting lately. It would be helpful if you could add next time source links and a better title to your post. At this rate, all posts on this sub-forum will be named "Sneak Peek". I will edit it to let people know what is this thread about.

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We're hoping that you had a good week so far. 

Today we're bringing you the newest informations on the fraction system

1. All necessary ressources regarding the upgrade for wardens and fractions can be obtained at the new game mode. 
2. There will be specific missions an challenges. A successfull attempt grants a one time reward. Furthermore there will be daily rewards regarding to your success.
3. Every warden has his unique skill that can be activated during battle. Further details regarding these skills will be revealed in a few days.

Der hier angezeigte Beitrag stellt meine Meinung dar.
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Okay, that sounds interesting....What exactly the wardens are gonna do is only going to be revealed once we get the update

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Lets make merits worthless again!

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling!

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