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[Sneak Peek] Wardens (more info)

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Interesting. Each Warden has its own ability and we don't know one fact. will we be choosing which hero will be under which hero or the hero's will be placed under wardens ?

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Can see the Brawler being Pumpkin Dukes perfect Warden especially for those having trouble with Insane Dungeons.
They look pretty well thought out imo, some heroes may want some attributes but not others from the same Warden and be more beneficisl with a Warden different from the obvious.
Going to be a lot of discussion on this when its released im sure

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they remove the increase in HP many heroes benefit from it specially michael and sasq

Posted on 8/17/18 2:35:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only question is; should i work on dungeons this weekend, to make use of artifacts one last time, or wait because wardens might actually make dungeons easier?