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[Sneak Peek] New Update info

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Posted on 5/12/20 3:23:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

New hero: Miss Magic
Skill Name: Card Trick
Skill description: Throwing cards, causing x% damage to all enemy targets in front, and reducing its x% attack speed, energy acquisition speed and dodge rate for x seconds (cooling time x seconds); meanwhile for all our hero  Restores x% health of attack power, and increases its x% attack speed, energy acquisition speed, and dodge rate for x seconds (cooldown time x seconds) (heroes are immune to silence and top-out disaster effects; X% chance for general attacks)  Deduct x energy of the current target and surrounding enemy targets, cooling time x seconds)

2. The new hero: the eccentric fanatic
Skill Name: Big Runaway
Skill description: Inflicts x% damage to all surrounding enemy targets, and increases its own x% attack speed and x% crit rate (the attack speed and crit rate increase cannot be dispelled) for x seconds  At the same time, he recovers x% of his health every second for x seconds.  (Cooldown x seconds, heroes are immune to stun, freeze, petrify, and twine effects, and bounce back x% of the damage taken; basic attacks cause x% real damage to the target and surrounding enemy units during basic attacks)

3. New talent skills: Holy Grail
Skill description: Increase your own x% attack power and x% attack speed, and restore your own basic attack x% health for each basic attack.

4. New Horcrux skills: Power control
Skill description: Increase your own health by x% during battle; when attacked, deduct x energy from surrounding enemy heroes and reduce its attack power by x% for x seconds.  (Cooling time x seconds)

5. Hero skin (Miss Magic-Geisha Dance, Mysterious Fanatic-Yaohui Sword)
6. Added War Era-Alliance Information Management Interface
7. Added war era-war talent function
8. New faction level (new 12 levels)

1. Wartime function optimization
2. Tower defense function strength adjustment
3. Adjust the base battle and alliance hegemony rewards
4. The maximum number of hero slots in the hero altar has been increased by 2.  (Upper limit 123)

Posted on 5/12/20 10:06:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Very cool looking hero's, might actually have a nice update here just Like last one.

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Again no extra warehouse space

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Hmmm new talent seems like a upgraded version of life drain and new enchantment seems like it might be a game changer. All in all I'm just glad they didn't add a new Dragon as I think a lot of us thought they were going to.

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Posted on 5/13/20 5:35:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for info, although next time please add link to source.

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