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[Suggestion] Hero Idea: Copy Cat or Ape/Monkey King

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Posted on 11/8/17 6:39:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I mean I don't think this will ever be implemented but I do really like the idea.  It would add an awesome amount of strategy in getting him to copy the hero you want.

I feel like he should have unlimited range until he copies a hero (that hero being the closest one to him when he procs).  After he does, his range shrinks to whatever theirs is.  This would mean that you could put him closest to whatever hero you want and as long as they don't move before he makes the copy, you'd be good to go.  He shouldn't be autoproc as well because that'll add a bit more strategy (5 revite could be fine but he'd have to hit something).

I really got into this.  It's fun to imagine even if it doesn't go anywhere! :)

I remember you from the lava/wg group on line by the way spec.  I think you were on my friends list for a while too.

Posted on 11/9/17 3:21:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I could imagine a revenant like skill but a stun close range aoe a better proc for the hero along with it having a couple of its own  a monkey like character holding a wooden staff  with handling feet

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