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[Suggestion] disable end battle for gw after 50%

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Great idea end battle is pointless after 49%

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it's a bad idea to completely remove the button, however the button does need to move as soon as it hits 50%. that way you cannot accidently hit it as it reaches 50%.

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maybe not removing it but instead it prompt a confirmation like "do you really want to end this?" and then "seriously?" and it only activates after 50% so that we still can quit last minute but if it cross 50% mark then we can have the choice to really exit the attack.

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Dropping troops/heros is a skill of the GW attack. So if u are dropping on the End Battle button......Uhm

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I like the idea of the button moving to somewhere else the instant it hits 50%, to prevent the whole "accidentally on purpose" situation of it changing over just as you try to hit the button.

But I kinda, sorta, completely hate the idea of it just vanishing, because I can see a reason to still hit End after getting to 50%+.

That reason? If you get to 50% and your Heroes are clearly going to die anyway (Pumpking Duke, stop being so pessimistic, surely you can solo Anubis, SK, DD, and Skeletica!), why bother continuing on? All that does is forces you to wait on a revive or spend gems to revive, which would be spectacularly annoying if you had absolutely no way to stop it from happening.

That would feel like IGG is almost literally stealing time and/or gems from you, and I simply can't see that going over well with anyone. Especially people who paid for gems.

But moving the button to the bottom or one side or something would be a workable solution, though not nearly a perfect one.

A confirmation dialog, for me, would only be viable if it pauses the battle the instant you hit the End Battle button the first time (that would be nearly perfect). Because you still have a chance of losing more Heroes while you're confirming, "I really did mean to quit. Yes, I meant it. Stop asking me that, my heroes are dying! END ALREADY!!" ;)

The pause solution would be the best, in my opinion, but it feels unlikely to me, though it's hard to place why. Short of that, I don't really see any solution without some kind of flaws in it.

Ok, sure.


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