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[Suggestion] Suggestions to improve the overall gaming experience (Includes most events)

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Posted on 12/16/17 5:06:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everyone,

Greetings from the leader of SGElites (Android) and Merry Christmas in advance to all the players and IGG.

I have compiled some of the suggestions for IGG to consider, which not only improve the gaming experience but will give more time to players to play the game, I have seen many people have said good bye to this game, which is not good considering they have invested a lot of time and money on this game. Though in my guild I have always encouraged players to play the game ethically and keep positive environment throughout the guild community and our goal and motto will be the same as long as we all playing the game.

Here's a list of improvements as I compiled through my gaming experience. Though, I am not sure if all the suggestions are possible to implement, its up to developers, but I have kept all the suggestions to be fair and seems possible.

Torch Battles
-          Torch battles format should be changed like Fortress Fued, Guild leaders should be able to register the time zone which is suited for the guild members. (i.e 2-3st, 9-10st, 18-19st), and all the guilds which is registered in the same timezone shall be able to haul and defend each other during torch wars.
-          Torch rewards shall be revised to 300 fame and 1200 shards.
-          Player should be able to define his/her favorite team for torch and able to send the team for hauling with one click

Guild Wars
Guild wars is the most important event in the game, but need some improvement.
-          All the guilds should be paired randomly according to their might, it is completely unfair to punish the guild which comes 1[sup]st[/sup] during the guild wars. (I.e, we are ranked 15 by might, and when we come 1[sup]st[/sup] we were paired opposite top 5 guild, which no way we can even think of coming to 3[sup]rd[/sup] or 4[sup]th[/sup].)
-          During the guild wars, no member shall be able to leave the guild, LEAVE button either must be disappeared OR make it unable to leave the guild during guild wars day.
-          Guild wars rewards can be revised if possible (few green or blue karmic rocks with the existing fame as rewards are always welcomed)

Fortress Fued
-          Rewards of fortress fued are complete garbage except, talent refresh cards and talent chest, can be improved by adding new karmik rocks, red crystal bags, prime hero cards, evolution rune, legendary hero cards (events), name eraser, lvl3/4/5 crest sets, oath tablets, Augmenting stone,  etc
-          There are still bugs, where we see our team fighting and it disappears in next fight even if the team has beaten opponent team

Lost Realm / Labyrinth
-          Rewards improvement is badly needed for these events, 10/20/50 game boxes instead of gold and mana packs will be good enough.

-          Improvement in Lava 3 and Lava 4 rewards (Please add more useful resources like soulstones, fame boxes etc.,  not the purple gelatinous crystal ball)
-          Waiting time shall be reduced from 20 secs to 10 secs, also if possible we can able to choose the team from our friendlist to play with, just like lost realm boss, I see many players have timing issues and not be able to find players to play lava, this will enable player to do his runs
Overall Game Improvements
-          IGG needs to rethink on their update or maintenance timings, it shouldn’t be on the guild wars day
-          Guild wars and fortress fued should not be on the same day takes a whole lot of time (please be aware that people have families, work, and other things to do, not only kids are playing this game)
-          Warehouse slot cards, hero revival cards, and one click for collecting all gold/mana resource
-          Thunder Smash cards
-          Separate base editor where we can design bases without affecting the current base, and after design we able to apply to change to the current base.
-          New quests to obtain soulstones and improvement in rewards after completion of quests
-          Instead of merits, please add fame in guild salary. (100/200 fame is good enough).
-          Pre-defined hero drop orders, specially during guild wars and the castle crisis boss.
-          Guild notification system, where we can send notifications to all the guild members whenever they login they can see the message.

Thank you, and hope to see the improvements in future updates.

Best Wishes

Posted on 12/16/17 5:22:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with almost everthing, also LBF should be improve everyone in usa run last 15 min and get more points here in Europe we can't and we get always less points, same story for torch battle no one in my guild can't hauld torch

Posted on 12/16/17 5:29:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Also please fix crest pets artifacts setup for each game mode, its just so boring change evertime crest pets artifacts for lava IS GW def GW atk AD... Make a configuration panel in options where everything is set up by default by game mode like when you save a base for hbm or gw

Posted on 12/16/17 8:34:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I 100% with jats
Nice suggestions..

Posted on 12/16/17 8:50:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Big cheers for OP suggestions.
Also the pets, crests organisation thing with predefined teams for seperate modes i fully support.
Its not that these teams should be in the system battling with the different setups but when you click your setup should change to the predefined one....

Thx iggand a happy christmass to you all

Posted on 12/16/17 9:19:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I  Agree with this...Great Suggestion:)

[left]You are the best for yourself[/left]
Posted on 12/16/17 10:50:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

About is the game mode which under Team Game mode
With your suggestion, it kill the main purpose

There are 50 Legendary Heroes (up to Cirrina, and excluded 7 for 4 Dragons and 3 Gem Purchase Reward Heroes), 9 Elite, 8 Ordinary and 3 Slime that rollable with gem. Total Heroes rollable by Gems is 70 Heroes. Chance to get 1 specific Hero is 1.43%. So, good luck.
My calculation at my signature, is just mathematically statistic. The best way to understand how IGG Heroes Gem roll is like you roll a 70 face of dice, and hope it will lands on your number. As you know, you can roll 100 times, but your number dont appears at all. And there are time, you roll 10 times, and it will just give your number everytime.
Posted on 12/16/17 11:35:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As a guild leader I agree with everything said above

Posted on 12/16/17 11:54:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You did a lot of work.  I hope it pays off.

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Posted on 12/18/17 10:17:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Some very, very good suggestions in my opinion! Especially the suggestions about torch and lava would be a very nice addition to the game!

Some feedback:
-Red crystal bags in FF chests?!? Rather not!
-I don't mind GW and FF on the same day, but that's personally my opinion
-Warehouse slot cards are a good idea, but what to do with all the people who already spend gems to open more slots? Are they put in disadvantage or can they get the paid gems back if they exchange the warehouse slot card?
-Reward change for some game modes are indeed very needed! Some game modes really need some better rewards to make it worth playing. Like arena, like Lost realm, like wretched gorge/infernal summit, and so on

Thanks for the great suggestions! I hope they consider and implement most of these very soon!