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[Suggestion] New troops upgrade

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Posted on 1/13/18 7:23:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here are my decent troop upgrades

Instead of adding new troops we r going to upgrade the troop

Guardian  To imperial guardians ... .comes with 3 times revive

Dragon birds to divine Phoenix....  Comes with self destruct and heavy blow and heals heroes when dead

Archers to hawk eye........ Has larger range, snipe target from greater distance (priority is troops then heroes then buildings) comes with 20% chance of elusive

Ornithohopters to master zeplin.... 50%chance to disable towers and comes with stone skin and self destruct

All the troops doesn't affect the energy of heroes on attacking but vice versa is possible

Last but not least....

Upgrade costs 50k fame each

Lol.... Just kidding...

Thanks IGG for castle clash
Posted on 1/13/18 8:33:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I support troop upgrade. But your suggestion OP is way over to the top. Nerf it a bit.

Posted on 1/13/18 10:08:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Many of you still saying upgrading troops. Why? Troops just help in dungeons or guild wars to avoid proc and die soon, but having spells is easier to do that (common raid). I do not use troops except for guild wars (because there you can not use spells). So troops are useless. Why? Well, if you are going to devastate the enemy town just with 6 heros the 99% of the time, why also you want to use troops?

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Posted on 1/14/18 6:54:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imo we don't need such extreme upgrade. It would be suffice if we can increase their effectiveness in using them. For example:
Guardian: spawn 1 guardian when attacked. This only works 1x.
Copters: add attack and attack speed, can be set to attack towers or regular buildings (or have 2 variations of copters).
Dragons: damage to heroic armor is increased to 1.5x, elusive for 0.2 sec every 1 sec.
Shotgun dwarf: increase range and do splash damage.

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