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[Suggestion] A 1v1 mode in Castle Clash?

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Hello everyone, I have been wanting and thinking about having a 1v1 game mode in Castle Clash. I know this game is all about teams and what not but, I think it can be really fun and add something new to the game. I hope many of you including IGG like the idea enough to add it to the game.

     My thoughts for this game mode is it will allow for 1v1 gaming for friends, guildmates, and random players. I imagine it more as a "testing" lab to see how a hero battles and interacts with other heroes. It doesn't have to have a leaderboard (maybe that could be a choice IGG makes) and can be accessed anytime with no having to wait for battle chances. Your opponent will of course have to also be online as to pick the battling hero, unless a team system, as in other modes, is introduced. There can be a random player button and a search bar for specific players to battle.
     And I know what you've been, thinking what about the hero's? Will they use their crests? And what about pets or artifacts? Well I've thought about having a filter system implemented to cancel out certain "add-ons" to a hero and allow others. What about the hero's level? An idea I had was to just let the users choose what ever left they like, it would allow more testing of heroes and more game play options for players.

     All of this is of course my thoughts and I am very open to hearing from all of your suggestions, thoughts, and comments on this.

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Agree 100% on this one. Then you can test your heroes and see which talent and crest works the best

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We have squad showdown for that.

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This is a very interesting suggestion.
Several guildmates use to help each other to test bases and heroes. Would be nice to get a game mode like this, not affected by odd/even numbers from you IGG ID.

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Posted on 2/9/18 4:26:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

SS is actually a different kind PvP mode than suggested. Because in SS we're getting all maxed out heroes with maxed out crests and skills. And SS is also team mode. I think op has in mind, that you will be able to pick only one of your heroes and compete with another. And it seems like nice idea.

I have been thinking about some kind of 1on1 mode too, similar both to SS and what's suggested here. Each and every player will get exactly the same hero and in one-month-lasting season (or one week also) will be developing this hero with modes that are only for that mode. The purpose is to see who is better in developing heroes and choosing talents and crests. I have noticed, that in SS it's all about spending gems - of course strategy does matter, but f2p have no chances against those who spent gems for SS. I mean this 1on1 mode as gem free mode, where only good strategy of developing hero matters.

But I like also the idea written above :)

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We have been asking this for ages,  testing mode where we don't get any reward at all, but until now it never seems like they'll even consider the idea. Imo this mode can really help them to monetize the game even further, i can't see why we shouldn't get this mode.

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