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[Suggestion] Suggestions to improve the game

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Posted on 2/9/18 7:40:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Boss:i've been noticing this since years that people always kill the boss within the first 5mins and those who come even a minute late cant do boss, i think u shud hav a seperate boss for each member or give the boss more life so that he does not die so quickly.
Icons:the new positions of icons makes it look confusing and conjusted, i wud suggest that there be a page where you can go from one more icon that says"pvp" and "solo" where all such events wud be shown along with their names and icons in a well spaced out manner.
Messages:whenever new events or guild boss or wars start we must get a message at the top part of the game that will inform us about what has just started. That way players wont miss events.
Chat history:i think the chat history in guild chat must remain even after players go offline, that way important messages can be said by the leaders without having to stay online and send that message every now and then so that all guild members get to know the news.