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[Suggestion] Crests

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Posted on 8/3/18 9:49:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like this game, I've been playing for 3 years or so now and after quitting World of Warcraft, I find this game keeps my inner nerd happy. This is the first time I've posted about the game, as the Crest System is really getting me down now.

I've read through a few recent posts in relation to Crests, it seems that like me there's a lot of people fed up of the way they level, store, and apply, basically the whole system.

I think that insignias are a step in the right direction, but would suggest that it be modified further.

Get rid of crests all together.
Automatically convert in every account all existing full sets to insignias.
Compensate for the none completed sets that will be deleted. Or if possible, on accounts were an set was nearly complete, have some compassion and replace it with the relevant insignia rather than delete.

Reduce the drop rate of what now would be insignias to balance things out.
It’s obvious that you’re going to continue to add new Crests to the game, and every time you do so it makes even more to have to sift through to upgrade them and apply them, it’s just a colossal waste of time.
Please spend some time on this and make it more usable, it’s really slowing down game play and progression.