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[Suggestion] A detailed Roadmap for Castle Clash

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        • I have been thinking of all the little things that can be done with the game. Not only the little things that bug me, but from what YouTubers have been complaining about, what I see complained about on this forum and in my Guild chat. From that, I have compiled a list which I'd like to post on the IGG forums in the (small) hope that at least some of it will be implemented. Many of these things have been asked for years though... My original list has been added to by some members of the Castle Clash Reddit community.
          One important thing with this - It is not intended to interfere with IGG's ability to make money. I am not suggesting changes to the Bazaar, no changes to the # of heroes they launch, no changes to the power creep, etc. I think this is probably critical to how IGG makes money, and IGG making money is what allows Castle Clash to continue to operate. However, without changes, this game is starting to lose steam - especially because of the negative impact on F2P players (or low P2P players). 

          QOL Changes
          • When you pass 50% in a Guild Wars attack and hit “end battle”, add a second dialog box to confirm the end battle.
          • Allow hero images to be re-ordered when attacking (so you can choose which is dropped first, second, third by clicking on the map rather than having to click on a hero then the map). Do not re-order heroes when they are killed.
          • Add a “hire all of this troop” button to each troop in the Army Camp interface (no need to hold down the “hire guardian” button 70 times X 5 camps)
          • Offset the End Battle button to the top right or left of the screen (avoids interference with message popups that appear in the same spot on both Android and iOS)
          • Favorite list in the Alter – allow heroes to be put into specific slots (rather than the one added always appearing at the end, and anything taken out moving everyone after it forward)
          • When Forging or combining crests, do not move the crest selection pane to the beginning after each forge/combine. Include an option to autoforge all of a group of crests (e.g. click all the stacks of crests you want to forge and then auto-forge them all until they are all gone).
          • Send Guild Chests to the Mailbox (instead of the guild chest icon on the main page).

          Game Modes (and rewards)
          • Dungeons, HBM, Hero Trial – all good, but keep adding new difficulties
          • Team Dungeons & Team HBM:

            • Include a minimum team strength (7,000 for Lava 1, 8,000 for Lava 2, 9,000 for Lava 3. 10,000 for Lava 4)
            • Include a Kick feature - when a player is voted for kick by 3 (of 4) players, they are excluded from the queue for that specific level for 5 minutes (would help to deal with both underpowered teams and idles that don’t move into position). Note that kicked players could join lower levels (i.e. kicked from Lava 3 could still queue for Mesa 4).

          • Arena – Weekly performance rank should be based on the highest rank achieved each day, aggregated for the week. Overall rank is based on the lowest total rank for the week (i.e. a player who finishes in 1st place every day would have an aggregate rank of 7 which would be the lowest possible, and would be the winner). This would eliminate the “last 15-minute” syndrome that plagues this format.
          • Guild Wars & Fortress Feud – All good (but add QOL suggestion above)
          • Lost Battlefield – add a might count of the teams on the opponent selection screen.
          • Quarries – allow speed-hammers to be used on quarries
          • Guild Bosses – make some harder ones, with more (or different) rewards
          • Torch Battle - Complete overhaul

            • Points are based on the maximum torches at 1-hour intervals.
            • Players can raid & defend up to 10 times each hour, maximum 50 hauls & defends over the 12 hour period. For example – if a guild starts with 120 torches and hauls 150 (total 270) but then loses 50, they would be credited with 270 torches for that hour. The next hour they would start with 220.
            • Remove the honor badge reward and replace it with fame. Award 1 point of fame for every 2 torches captured by the guild (e.g. 12 X 120 = 1,440 torches = 720 fame if the guild made no attacks and didn’t lose any torches) and 50% of that number in shards.
            • No maximum to the number of torches held by a guild. This would mean the highest a guild could get (if my math is right) would be 20.720 merits and 10,360 shards (based on each of the 80 members hauling 10 times for the first 5 hours of torch and not being defeated and not losing a torch). A more realistic number would probably be around half that.

          • Castle Crisis – Each event should last a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 11 days (+3 for the World Boss = 2 weeks max) with early completion meaning an earlier world boss, and reduced time to the next Castle Crisis (i.e. faster finish = more events = more rewards).

          • Warden levels should reward Rocks and Merits (not Rocks & Honor Badges) (And bring back artifacts….)
          • Arena: Increase fame rewards – top player gets 5,000 fame. Fame reward goes down by 10 for each place below 1st to 100th (who gets 4,000 fame), down by 5 for every place down to 500th (so 500th gets 2,000 fame) and down by 1 for every rank below that (so 1000th place gets 1,500 fame, 2000th gets 500 fame). Beyond that, #2,001 to #10,000 gets 100 fame and below 10,000 gets 50 fame. HB rewards can stay as they are.
          • Arid Runs should scale with might

            • Remove soulstone rewards after 100,000 might
            • If current rewards are the “base” level, increase rewards by 50% for every 50,000 might about 100,000 (so double rewards for 200,000 might, triple rewards for 300,000 might)
            • Increase rewards for every level passed. First level should reward half of what the current rewards are; 2nd level should be what the current rewards are, 3rd +50%, 4th +100% and 5th +100% from the current level 5 rewards

          • Lost Realms

            • Scale rewards based on Lost Realm level. Current rewards would apply up to LR level 10; each level beyond increases red crystal reward by 20% (so level 20 rewards would be 3X what the current rewards are). This includes both the red crystal rewards for battles and the crests bags/blue/red crystal rewards.
            • The Merchant should include random hero soulstones available for purchase with gold (100,000 gold per soulstone, 5 or 10 soulstones offered). ALL heroes except event & mino/SM/Destroyer would have an equal probability to be offered. 1-2 slots of each store would be dedicated to soulstones. Should also include warden crystals for sale in the Warehouse
            • Included in this section – add a new tier of bag (above mythic) with the new crests. Make those bags/boxes as frequent as mythic drops beyond 120,000 might.

          • Warehouse Merchant – like lost realms, include soulstones for purchase with Merits. Also sell Red, Blue & Warden Crystals.
          • Update rewards of UTT in line with the current game state (increase rewards by 10X and include all heroes in the possible hero-roll results)
          • Customizable Bazaar – I realize there are a maximum of 6 slots in each offer, but if possible allow one or two of those slots to be a choice of items (e.g. a person may want 40,000 merits instead of 100,000 honor badges in a given pack).
          • New feature - Players of the month awards. The top 100 players at each might level* (see below) (minimum 20,000 might) are awarded the most recent dragon released. Points are determined based on fame earned during the month from GW, FF, LBF, Labyrinth & Arena (Fame purchased through the bazaar do NOT count to this total).

            • The top 100 players based on this formula would be awarded the dragon card. Players can only win Hero of the Month once in a 12 month period.
            • The intention of this is to reward dedicated players including F2P players. It is not intended to SOLELY reward high spenders, although high spenders may have an easier time winning.  As much as possible this should be directed at players playing the game, and not solely based on spending.
            • * Might Level - Ideally, a player’s max might over the duration of the month would be tracked, and that would be the “bucket” they would be placed in. The awards would be issued to the top 100 players in each grouping of 40,000 might (e.g. 20,000-60,000; 60,001 – 100,000; 100,001 – 140,000 and so on up to a maximum of 460,001 – 500,000. This would create 12 groups that compete with each other, and hopefully everyone in that group would have more-or-less the same opportunity to gain fame

          New Game Mode
          • Add a weekly dungeon map with 10 dungeons with can only be run with a restricted number of heroes. For example – only 6 of 10 specific heroes can be used to try to clear the dungeon. Players will only be able to use the heroes that they have (as developed as they are – (unlike Squad Showdown where they are maxed out). Dungeons should be play-tested prior to launch to ensure they can be beaten with the heroes given (although the playtest would be done with maxed out heroes with “perfect” attributes for the dungeon). Note that this may include attempting to complete dungeons without standard dungeon heroes like PD, Mino, Anubis, Cupid, etc; so dungeons may be very difficult even if they are not like the current “insane” dungeons. Think back to when CC did not have hero evolution, or had a very limited number of legendary heroes. (note – this could be existing dungeons such as basic or expert dungeons).
            • Rewards shards, merits and Fame. 500 shards and 1,000 merits for completing each dungeon, 1,000 fame for completing all 10 dungeons. Each dungeon can only be beaten once. (but remember - a new map of 10 dungeons each week!).

          Edit... I don't know why this is showing up bold/italics... It's not in the base format.
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Let me start off by saying that I personally am an advocate for player feedback whenever possible.  However there is a lot to take in, much of which has already been suggested.  Without offering any feedback on the content contained within your post, I would like to say that it has been my experience that suggestions of this magnitude tend to be placed on the back burner.

I think this would be better received if it did not encompass the entire game, but rather was broken into manageable segments, and before you say you did, you also combined all segments in the same post.  Separating the suggestions would make not only their round table discussings but actual implementation easier to manage.  Let's face it, typically adjustments are made in one or two sections at a time, never a complete overhaul at once.  Just my opinion.:angel:


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Quite a bit of stuff here. Ill try to break it down to parts so here are my thoughts.

1. GW 50% remove "end battle" = good and easy to implement.

2. Reordering heroes would imo require a better hero / favourite system where you could rank the heroes in the way you want to drop them, this system could also include making premade hero base teams. Doing the reordering in combat (so that you need to sort your group every battle) is not optimal imo.
3. Hire all button for troops, yes.

4. Offset the end button to not get blocked by messages. Doesn't sound like a real problem.

5. Favourite list changes, no comment on that, I think the whole system needs an overhaul.

6. Crest / forge popping to start. I think this is more of a technical issue with the code, they already fixed crests with multi creation, now the just add multi forging.

7. Guild Chest to mail box? I think it is fine as it is.

8. Kick features or ways to get you dream team on random lava might sound nice but it would actually be pretty horrible idea. The amount of shit that IGG would get for adding this is not worth it. I could break it down why it is bad but there are so many other sections here so Ill leave it to that.

9. Arena changes sounds good. I would also focus a bit more on adding variety on rewards between placing at 100 000 - 1000 spots. This is the only game mode that really needs increased rewards imo.

10. Torch Battle could use an overhaul but could also be left there and replace with new and similar mode. I don't play Torch so can't comment on the changes but I think that when you talk about game mode changes, the reward structure doesn't need to be a main point.

11. Crisis. I have similar thoughs. I would make it last set 5 days in phase 1 and 2 days in arch demon. 1 Week Crisis, 1 Week no Crisis.

12. Agreed on warden rewards.

13. Bring back Artifacts.

14. Arid Ruins, it scaled with team score but I don't know why it should scale with might. I think it works fine as it is. But there should be a reason for playing past lvl1 and I don't want the reason to be increased rewards.

15. I think we should just accept that soul stones are another junk reward with honor badges. They could increase the rates a bit but it wouldn't really make any difference, would get 1 free beast tamer in a year, yaay. Tbh getting ss doesn't feel nearly as bad as getting honor badges even though soul stones don't do anything.

16. LR might need a reward boosts but not 100% necessary.

17. I don't think Undiscover the Treasure should be buffed much, maybe a slight chance to get moltanica, arctica and demo which are all kinda outdated but still hard to get for F2P otherwise. The hero recruiting event and gem spending event at bazaar are far better events visually than this out of the game UTT.

18. Player of the month reward sound reeeally greedy. They would maybe give it to 1 player in all might levels but even that might be too much. Do you have an estimate on how much each Lavanica makes money to the company? Just no, even if the idea would be good the reward structure is too greedy.

19. Weekly dungeons sounds like a good idea. I would also change squad showdown to use the same idea. Squad showdown would be so much better if it just used your highest level hero for the heroes selected that day. No need to play around with talents or crests every day and it would actually make every hero in the game somewhat relevant. I think this is a very good idea actually.