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[Suggestion] Pvp area 1v1 each hero can use 2 or 3 pets .new heroes suggestions

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Posted on 12/27/18 5:47:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi . Like i sayed

Posted on 12/27/18 5:50:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi . Like i sayed.. its really very interestings to do it , specially if each hero is allowed to use mult pets.this way we can see how 2 pets together gonna to work and how powerful our hero is and just be happy about it...rewards(title,ranks ,maybe only some Honor or Shards)
Another suggest is making an (Arabian)Egyption hero came from the deserts .
I would like to see twins (2 heroes taking only 1 place with different talents)
Ork hero.
little dino.
magician snake.
Witch can be turned to a black tiger.

2 or 3 skeletons but can be placed in one hero base as a one Hero.

Hero can only attack another heroes  (not the buildings)

A transformed hero can  transfer into the enemy  character( for x secods )during combat (such as mirror or cloning) .

Hero can create fake heroes (for x seconds)
Hero using Bow  (Robin Hood)

I would like to know if you liked any idea or any hero from those suggestions...
Sorry for my bad English.