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[Suggestion] Forge hero cart legendray ,my idea

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Posted on 12/30/18 5:34:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My idea for forge hero cart legendray,every players very hero cart in warhous.please active idea me after update,THANKS,sorry im not good type english,please for idea me hero cart lavanika,castle clash=my life & my love

After a short time each player has a number of cards in the warehouse,
Given that he has even done everything and still has a card

Why do these cards stay unused in the warehouse!
If igg in the next update will do this my idea Cards become an attractive and exciting part in the game 
In such a way that each foregone 2 hero legendry cards (x) requires the amount of gem,The Forge Award in a Random And A Chance Of A Hero cart legendry,Perhaps the foreground prize is great, and maybe it's a lucky chance
The cards that are out of work in the warehouse are the best way to do this
I helped translate Google. I'm looking for an IGG positive answer for the idea
firist lady I need your help. Please send my idea to igg, thanks

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One of best ideas for the game
It's make games very interesting

Saints row
Posted on 12/30/18 6:48:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

One of the more considerable ideas i've read here in a while :)

*Not desperately rolling for Anubis anymore*
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First, don't write your personal acc data in forum, never.
Second idea seems interesting, but question is does this fusion create any hero card, or specific heroes from Legendary Hero Cards I, II, III, IV ?
Getting any hero from it is little too much, since everyone would buy Paladin, and fuse it till they receive hero they don't have and this is huge abuse. More reasonable option would be sort it by LHC. Shard heroes will give shard heroes, Heroes from LHC 1 give heroes from LHC 1; LHC 3 give LHC 3 etc, etc. But if you combine hero from LHC and Shardable you will receive that weaker tier hero, which in this case it Shardable hero. Maybe this would work, since your idea as much as interesting, would never be implemented into game in current state.
Same option for Skins.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not telling this idea is completely wrong, just needs to be tweaked to have chance being brought into game.

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This thread has been banned.

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Hi my friend THANKS
FORGE for all hero cart legendry,2,34
Just heroes shardebl no forge
No hero paladin and tundergod and champion and importeb and..

Please support if your friends agree to this idea
Very very THANKS

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On yes!
Very very nice idea
Ty Mr javadloka

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It's a great idea

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Posted on 12/31/18 12:03:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i have very hero cards 
im not some hero cards
is very good idea