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[Suggestion] New Legendary Hero

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Posted on 1/1/19 1:47:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

After looking at some talents in "Hero Talent Compilation" (thanks to July0714) Link I have realized that Sprint is useless nowadays. And I believe it's true, because when I roll a lvl 5 sprint from a talent box, I simply discard it. It doesn't increase any attack or raise any health because it just increases movement speed. Not attack speed like berserk, so it's practically useless.
But don't get me wrong, I know some people use it to make their heroes move faster, such slow moving ones as Atlanticore, or puts them on fast moving ones like Skull Knight to aid in arena. 
But truth be told, Sprint is dying. Slowly as new talents such as Oracles Favor replaces the old talents. Even though some talents like Scorch still proves useful in heroes like Skeletica, Sprint lost its purpose in the game.

My Proposal
There are a bunch of heroes coming out, each with unique skills and talent combinations. Just like how Bogeyman is good with attack based talents and Lazulix is good with defensive talents, why don't we make a new hero who will bring light upon sprint?
Some of the slowest heroes today are "Paladin, Spirit Mage, Grizzly Reaper, etc..."-double checked
But they aren't that slow, right? They still reach their destinations fairly well, their speed isn't like a snail's speed. So Sprint again, is useless in this situation. 
So what if we made a hero that has a short-range atk but a very high dmg. And give him little, or a lot of health. Too even it out, the hero would then be really slow, like really, really, really, slow. It would have like less than 50% of atlanticore's stride. It would literally crawl to the opposing hero, while taking tons of damage along the way. 
There comes sprint. With a really good, but slow hero, people would resort to choosing sprint as its talent. Maybe even give it sacred light or zealous drive, but mostly sprint. Then finally, sprint will crawl out from the darkness and shine.

I believe that Sprint is a great talent. It is unique, actually the only talent that raises a hero's movement speed. Perhaps IGG could elaborate on its uniqueness and make more heroes that would work very well with it.

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Posted on 1/1/19 4:06:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wait a little, i bet there will be new talent, which will combine Sprint with other 2 talents for example Berserk and Blade Shell. Just like Tenacity and SS was combined to SL, Sprint will be eventually combined with other talent imo. Just wait and see.

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Posted on 1/2/19 5:46:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

New Game mode: 1000 Meter race! Everyone rushing to LV up sprint to 8.
Make sprint great again.

Posted on 1/2/19 6:23:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Man, you don't really realize how hilarious Sprint on certain heroes can be. I have seen Ninjas running like ferrets

Posted on 1/2/19 7:25:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If they make a game mode where Sprint is used or needed I'll be skipping that one.  Hope they never combine in into a talent with an existing one because you'll still only have one talent.

Posted on 1/2/19 7:39:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well you are very wrong about sprint! It is still used alot in fortress fuede! For the guilds operating sound tactics you assign ya fastest hero sprint and send him off to capture the tower. Then back it up with spam to hold it.
And as for scorch, forget skelly but it should definately be on ronin!