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[Suggestion] Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 1/31/19 8:42:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The main change I would want to see is to include the newer crests into the rewards in LR and Avaricifer. Apart from revite, I don't want any of the crests in the purple bags/chests since they're all cold products now.

Some way of getting breakthrough stones and level 9 runes would be helpful, but I think both are too recent to be made too freely available just yet - the P2W players need some advantage over the rest of us and at the moment those are it.

Posted on 2/1/19 8:43:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If the talent refresh is like clash of desert then it is usefull for f2p player.Then perticular level 5 talent is store and use them in perticular hero which is suitable.example revite is usefull for pd ,valetina,cupid or aries .A new f2p player roll revite talent and not present those heroes then they compulsory use another hero which is not fit this talent.If this features is update next month then it is usefull to f2p player

Posted on 2/2/19 4:50:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

One that's just occurred to me is to add event coins to the Friendly Wheel and Pirate Booty - probably as a rare item. It would be nice if a dedicated player could rack up 10 every 2-3 months so they could get something nice from the discount store, but not too many so that every casual ftp is drowning in revite 8 and SL 8 insignias that the rest of us have spent good money on.

Posted on 2/2/19 5:01:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lost realm-definetly put crest sets on some higher lvl,whit some chance to get newer talents,at least crest sets lvl1 and 2
Lost battlefield-rewards are solid,but when you look that you need some certain heroes,some certain talets that is rare to get,rewards should be multi

Arena-also you need certain heroes and talents just for it,so reward must be much much better,at least 1-2k fame weekly,and higher hb drop

Expedition-give more hb,at least double it,good mode in early and mid game,late game whe dont play it anymore,put some stones as reward for completing 9.stages,and make it harder

Squad showdown-multi rewards

Gw mode-one of best modes,and i think good rewards from there

Ff-need certain heroes,certain talents,definetly you need to refresh talents,add prime bags,chests,and double fame

Arid ruins-solid rewards,remove small merits and so on Hbm and dungeons good rewards Hero trial isnt bad also,some gem drop,put drop of lvl9 rune at least every 20th run

Lava and is good rewards,just in is put talent sets to drop,lvl1-2 at least

Talent drop is really to rare,in 50 talent boxes we get just two-three good talents,and 4-5 solid talents In talent refresh cards,in 100 cards you get 1good talent,1 solid and thats it,need to be much better then that

Gem roll heroes-solid,you need to remove shard heroes,and put some better chance for rolling

Labirint-better drope of stones from goblin chests Also double or triple fame rewards

Also for buyers,events where we can claim rewards for buying certain amount of golds give us 90hb,90mertis and so on When we buy pack for 10-20-50-100$,give rewards from that bags in that events,because worth of that what we get from it is 0.1$

Archdemon definetly much more fame.from him,maybe put stones,put something there because we need rare talents for it,,and its really expensive

Need to get some skins for heroes in some mode

There are to many heroes,many talents and we need to duplicate some heroes because of certain modes So we need much more fame,stones for destiny,and so on I dont play almost nothing here because its boring to low rewards Rather i buy 5-10-20$ pack,where i get worth like i play all modes for 6months Its ok if im top buyer,but for mid p2p,and for f2p,rewards everywhere are to low,they stay like when we have 10talents and 30heroes to raise,without destiny,wardens,and so on

Posted on 2/4/19 12:52:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'll just add rewards from new warden challenge are so bad I won't bother hitting it again who come up with then lol

Posted on 2/5/19 2:44:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Based on Firstlady's feedback and my realization that the warden's challenge is not a weekly challenge (every other week most likely), I will hereby have another take on the igniting and zenith stone collecting.

If we want to have 1 hero maxed every month, assuming we have all the honor badges required, we need 1630/30= 55 Zenith Stones 4285/30= 143 Igniting stones each DAY.

So what are the gamemodes we can put these resources in?

team dungeons - which wasn't the best option.
warden challenge - would be very inconsistent.

But then it struck me. make Lost Realm the gamemode to acquire these items.
Lost realm is definitely an useless gamemode for most players that know about breakthrough, and this could blow new life into it.
I had three separate ways this could be done, even multiple at the same time:

My first idea was to make them appear in chests/shops/Treasure Troves. As the Developers know the odds of bumping upon either of the shop or Trove, they can supply the correct amount of stones in each. But as I have little knowledge about the exact odds and amount of times you can get it daily, I do not support this one.

My second idea was to change the blue crystal mines into Igniting stone mines and the Battle altars into Zenith Stone generators. I am currently level 18 in lost realm, which means i have 6 altars and and 8 mines. This should translate into 55/6= ~9 Zenith stones each altar/day and 143/8= ~18  Igniting stones each mine/day. However, as I reckon most f2ps have way lower levels in this gamemode (and thus fewer generators), this idea is again unreliable - high players will get way more than lower, so either lower players get too little or higher players get too much. Still, the mines as they are now are completely useless, so they need to atleast get their resources multiplied by 10. at the minimum. (level 18 mine has a cappacity of 8600 blue crystals. needs to be atleast 86000 blue crystals)

My last and best idea is that every battle should give you a number of these stones. as you regain 1 energy every 10 minutes, you get 144 energy daily. Add the stamina card you win if you fight three times each day and it is 184 energy/day. As the energy required to battle once lays around 9 (most battles cost 6 energy and require a person to walk 3 tiles - if they are high level) energy, this means 20 daily battles.

so we need to get 55/20 = ~3 Zenith stones and 143/20= ~7 Igniting stones each battle.
Meaning we either should get both at the same time or a 50-50 chance to get 6 Zenith- or 14 Igniting stones.

Please let me know if this idea needs changes or is just simply good/bad. Thank you.

Posted on 2/5/19 7:43:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok a nice simple one - please can IGG make the free daily hero roll and talent roll reset at midnight, rather than 24 hours after your last roll?  It's just getting tedious now.

Posted on 2/5/19 10:24:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Arid ruins:
No. of Cards flip should be equal to lvl cleared ( say if u win 4 lvl u can flip 4 cards)
If all lvls are cleared You get a 5 card flip along with one fame box 3. ( difficulty may be increased, and so rewards may change depending on might)

Friendly wheel:
Take out all garbage rewards like 10fame box, blue books, 1hr hammer, Include newer hero soul stone and if possible skins.

Lost realm:
In my opinion eliminate the crest from the game and for compensation give 5 or 6 lvl8 insignia pack.
Lost realm should drop insignia chest instead of crest and same for the merchant. Remove treasure trove. Increase blue and red crystal generation and rewards.

GW: increased amount of fame and merits instead of hb.

Fortess feud: rewards should also include random skins, insignia, mastery essence 3, 6 to 10 soulstone of upcoming heroes.

Hero trial : increase drop rate of lv9 rune and hero card. Instead of dropping soul stone of specific hero change it to soulstone bag 1 or soul stone trunk 1 ( depending on the lv of difficulty amount of soulstone bag or trunk change)
We need sould stone bag which should include most of the heroes soulstone)

labyrinth: U get one labrynth stamina card if u defeat one enemy. And labrynth chest should also include labrynth stamina cards and some hero skins and tower skin.

Squad showdown: change fame to red breakthrough rocks and shards to ignition rocks.

HBM: instead of random rewards . We should be able to choose the rewards either gold mana or exp.

Team hbm : should include break through rocks in all lvl. Legendary hero card should be updated to atleast prime herocard 2.( same rarity).

(blue and red crystal box should give 3x crystal)

Quest board : rewards of all resources except gems should be increased.
Completion rewards should be merged with new resources such as ss,skins,karmic rocks, talent runes etc.

Castle crisis:
Avacifier : all crests to one insignia pack ( lvl 4 or lvl 5)

Winning Raids: increase experienced gained and HB depending on might of the enemy.

(Basically rewards should be based on might
ie if low might player get blue book, 10 fame box, 1000merit box , high might player should get  tome 1, 100 fame , 10k merits )

In special sale , discount should be given for money ( buy  9.9$ pack for 4.9$) or a coupon should be given and we can apply whenever necessary.


Thanks IGG for castle clash
Posted on 2/9/19 4:45:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think the biggest problem in game now is no real content, no reason to play. The only way to get true stuff is bazar, but when you get it you noticed then now you can just grind the trash. Also diference between f2p and p2w are too big - no challange, no drive to play, no drive to pay.

Rewards for the top places should be realy epic, but also nice be a percentage system for the rest (get to best 50%, 20% etc). Now I'm just play once and forget all the challange - award is nearly same between spending 15 sec and 30 minutes. 

You should totaly rework the guild rewards system, is even not worth to spend time opening this boxes when you on high might lvl. IMO better guild (rank), better, and fit to players might, rewards. Thats add some competition to be in a strong guild.

Same the crest system, old and not worth to spend a time. You even can't get useful talent in normal way. My best was to get lvl 3 crest after 5 years of playing. Now a real game mod is playing bazar and events, that where I get all insignias.

It's a nice thing when you can get a unikqe hero in some game mod, like rosaleen (if it takes less than 10 years ofc).