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[Suggestion] Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 2/9/19 8:08:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rewards in each and every game mode should  increase at the same speed as bazaar resouces are
So if fame in bazaar went from
50k for 100$ to 2mil for 100$
then gw fame should go from
1k to 40k per gw
if revit set went from
lvl5 for 100$ to lvl8 for 10$
then revit from lr should go from
lvl1 to lvl 5 from bag
if lavanica cost went from
1000$ to 20$
then lava ss from lab shoud go from
3 to 150 ss per drop
This is just me being realistic about how things should be.
Now can IGG manage 1/10 of that.

Posted on 2/9/19 11:50:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I must say finally, IGG is taking a step into the right direction here and I now it will be alot of work to get things better but this effort at least is what I am glad to see. Now as for my opinion it is as follows:

Team HBM: the rewards for the first four are ok but for infernal summit I think they should add Zenith Stone to all four of them and not just for lava Isle 4. Additionally they should chance all the single bag crest rewards for team HBM to insignia bags starting at insignia bag (level 1 - 2) for the four normal team Hbm and insignia bag (level 3-4) for infernal summit because with insignias the single crest bags are becoming useless and a pain.

Team dungeons: this game mode is dying and lava 4 is hardly being played. I say put in a system where you pick a position you want to run (p1, p2, p3, p4) and let the game join you into a team with others would chose to run a different position. As for rewards the normal four team dungeons need better rewards, I would say take the rewards from lava isles and cut them in half and use to for the first four team dungeon rewards and then increase the rewards for lava Isles and add igniting stone to it along with castle chest (I, II, III, IV) base on the lava Isle and remove the hero cards from team dungeons because they make no sense anymore.

Lost realm: simple fix, increase amount of crystals we collect and add more tiles at the level which the tiles are supposed to stop being added and add red crystal mines instead of blue crystal mines after that point. Example when you reach level 25 you get two more tiles plus one extra red crystal mine. The heroes we fight should all change to evolve heroes after say level 10 or 12 and then after say level 20 or 22 all the heroes we fight should be double evolve and when you hit level 30 or say they add up to 40 for the fun and when you reach it you get to fight fully maxed out heroes. As for the rewards the chest should now be giving out anymore bags, instead it should be insignia bags base on the quality of the chest, as well the crystal bags should stop be given out and change to chest and only purple gold and mana bags should be given out. The demon should always drop a fine insignia bag level 3 with 3k and up red crystals. The ship should sell breakthrough stones instead the crystal bags and insignias level 1 instead of crest.

Hero trail: increase drop rate for level 9 runes. As for the soul stones, bring out a bag that can give you 1 random soul stone of any hero and put those as the rewards for hero trail. Like what is the point having soul stones for mino, spirit mage and destroyer and not having absolutely no means of getting them. So like 15-20 of those bags instead of 5-16 soul stones. Make honour badges always drop with another random reward and the gem amount is ok as is.

HBM: increase the exp and shards drop. Plus add the chance to get random pieces of skin with each run for either buildings or heroes and maybe increase it as you reach higher.

Arid ruins: remove the soul stones, increase the shards given out, take out the fame, add gems and fame to it and the breakthrough stones as well

Lost battlefield: double the gems we get from it, triple the amount of fame as well and give special rewards for each rank achieve  (stack the rewards for each rank the person gets).

Labyrinth: the chest increase the odds of get lava soulstones, add insignia bags and remove the single crest bags and chests, add fame to it and more shards and also a chance to get a talent

Expedition: change it to fame, shards and honour badges. Plus give out a random special reward for clearing all 10 stages with 3 flames.

Guild wars: increase the fame like 3x and don't put no cap on the amount of points that can be earn and increase the max fame to 5k or 7k and add special rewards for the guild that place first

Torch: set it to a one time thing like ff and increase the shards reward and add some new rewards or castle chest based on the rank your guild placed

Ff: double or so the amount of fame from the rewards,  at castle chest and chances to get a talent. Plus remove the shards and honor badges from it and add some more useful rewards

Guild boss challenge : change the rewards to castle chests

Forgotten trails: increase rewards and add something special

Castle crisis: update chest rewards, insignias instead of bags and boxes and increase merit. Increase the fame from the demon and add ranking rewards as well

Better sign-in rewards like really hero cards

Wheel of friendship: increase the soul stones to 10, take out the shards, honor and other useless rewards, add breakthrough stones as well

arena: better rewards maybe ranking rewards that gives chest and bags

Squad showdown: give better ranking rewards

winsbert hazlewood
Posted on 2/11/19 5:10:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pirate Booty - please bring back the chance to win dragon soulstones from Pirate Booty. One of the prizes gave a chance to win Molticana/Arctica/Demogorgon/Skeletica soulstones (as well as other soulstones), but I've not seen that prize available for weeks. I really miss it.

Posted on 2/12/19 11:22:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Great thread! I'm a long time player of CC who took a hiatus from the game (back when I spent $300 trying to roll warlock, lol) and started playing again a few months ago. I've noticed huge changes in the game, some good and some bad, but the biggest difference is the lack of participation in guild events. Back then, everyone was ready and waiting for torch battle, everyone was available for Mesa (the strong pd teams paired with the lower might players to help them get rewards) and everyone did the boss. The game was fun, guild events had great rewards and players loved to participate.

Sadly, those days are gone. Guild events that should be fun seem more like a dreaded mandatory commitment. My guild back then was full of players that were engaged in the game and a great mix of f2p and p2p. In my mind, this is where IGG needs to focus their efforts. A large part of that is to make rewards relevant and modify the guild events so that they are more attractive to players (ex:  shorten the timeline for FF/ make it once a week).

On the plus side, it's much more attractive to buy gems these days. I've taken a basically inactive account and been able to quickly bring it up to par with the latest heroes, talents, insignias, etc in a very short time. From a p2p perspective, this is a great change. I love the bazaar, lol. When I quit, I was buying gems that had a 50% bonus and nothing else. And while I appreciate this change, it's also widened the gap for f2p players to the point where it's almost impossible to play the game. Rewards need to be achievable over a reasonable period of time. I'm not saying everything in the game should be attainable for a f2p (Sm, mino, destroyer, skeletica, lavanica are clearly rewards for spending money), but I am saying that f2p players should have every opportunity to gain the same advantages as p2p players.

I also want to comment on the amount of free stuff that we can get these days - gems, fame, karmic rocks, warden stones and the list goes on. While this is great, it still falls short for any f2p that has played more than a month or two. Let's be honest, how many legendary hero cards and event hero cards do we need, what good is 50 fame? I've probably spent 2 million fame in the last month on evolution, talents, destiny, equipment and insignias. How in the world could a f2p player ever do that?

Finally, let's talk gems. Gems are essentially worthless now. I use them only for changing traits and buying stuff in the discount store. The drop rates for legendary heroes are pathetically low. I remember when my f2p guild mates would save 5k gems for a "massive" rolling day and would usually get a couple of needed heroes. When I started playing again, I rolled a lot of gems for heroes. Then I bought the heroes in the bazaar. If it takes 2 weeks to save 5k gems (guessing here) and the result is all blues and greens, then I would imagine that would be very disheartening for a f2p player. Why not rework how gems are used - how about spending 5k gems for a hero released 3 months ago? I know this is off topic, so sorry for the rant.

To conclude, I firmly believe that Igg needs to revitalize this game for all players - make rewards relevant/substantial and improve existing events so players are once again engaged. Thanks for reading my rant!

Posted on 2/13/19 1:41:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hero trials l9, give us an actual chance to receive a level 9 talent rune, and why won't anything beyond l9 unlock? I can beat every single hero.......just a start......